Mogabi Smart Guitar: The Guitar for Beginners, Experts, and Everyone In Between

Mogabi – the smart guitar for expert and beginner guitarists alike – launched on Kickstarter.

The Mogabi Smart Guitar represents a new paradigm for musical instruments. Most noticeably, Mogabi’s built-in hinge that lets you fold the guitar in half has been gaining attention.

“We finalized Mogabi’s design after several tests and design iterations,” the Mogabi marketing team told us.  Unlike other guitars, Mogabi uses a unique round headstock, making the guitar more compact, and even letting you hang it up on a hook. The guitar’s hinge also lets you fold it vertically, then safely lock it in place. Plus, Mogabi’s rest frames let the guitar sit steady on your lap while you play; just insert the rest frames with the grooved edges facing upward, and you’re ready to start jamming. The mahogany neck and rosewood keys are a great touch, and the ox bone saddles and nuts are quite sturdy. The whole thing comes together for great sound quality.

Mogabi also gives you a clear headcover to safely protect the precious headstock and strings from dust and other contaminants. As long as Mogabi’s in its case, it’s fully protected while it’s in your suitcase.

Mogabi’s features definitely live up to the name “Smart Guitar.” It comes with full original sound recording, sound layering, multiple recording, recording cancelation, and Bluetooth support features – just to name a few.

Many are pointing out Mogabi’s ability to record the original sound of the guitar without a mic or other equipment. With the high-quality original sound recording feature, you’re getting 32 GB of internal storage space to save your recordings. To edit a recording, just connect Mogabi to a type-C cable and download the recording onto your smartphone or computer to edit, copy, share, and more.

If you made a mistake during your recording, all you need to do is press Cancel. Just press the 3rd knob to delete any unwanted recordings and save precious storage space. 

When you turn Mogabi on, it starts in “GTR Mode,” which is the default mode for playing and recording yourself naturally. “B/T Mode” lets you play music from your Bluetooth paired device. There’s also a “Mix Mode” that’s a combination of the two. You can use Mix Mode to play along and record yourself along with a background track played from your paired device. Press lightly on the power button to activate “Sleep Mode” – this lets you play or record yourself in silence, and consumes very little battery.

Mogabi uses a 2600mA lithium-ion battery that fully charges in 3 hours for up to 6 consecutive hours of play. That means it’s great for busking, since you don’t need to plug it in and charge it while you play.

You may be concerned about the sound quality of a travel guitar that doesn’t have a soundbox. Don’t worry; Mogabi keeps a healthy sound balance with its internal 40 mm full-range speaker. This lets you project a powerful sound while you’re busking with no need for an amp.

There’s even a new Mogabi app lets you upload, download, edit, mix, compose, tune, and more with your tracks. Not only are you getting a wider range of performance, but you’re also getting access to tracks from all over the world shared over the cloud.

Mogabi Smart Guitar can be bought at a discounted price from its Kickstarter campaign which launched in February.