10 Must Read Mining Blogs



The mining industry is complex at best, and with new and innovative technology, keeping abreast of current ideas is essential, if one wants to stay informed. Here is a list of mining blogs that are informative, and cover many aspects of the industry.

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  • Miningman.com has a wealth of articles covering a range of topics, including safety, finance, and    performance, to mention but a few.
  • Minesafetywatch is a site that is dedicated to safety issues within the mining industry, and with archives that go back to 2004, one has many interesting articles to read, all concerning safe working conditions.
  • The place to go, if one is interested in mining insights over the past 3 years, is thebusinessofmining.com, a site that is primarily concerned with the business side of the industry. Interesting articles written by mining experts from all areas of the world will provide hours of reading for those who have an interest in that side of the business.
  • One blog that really encompasses every type of mining in every region of the world is republicofmining.com, a site run by Stan Sudol, a mining consultant who was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, one of the most prolific mining areas in the world.
  • At miningfacts.org, one can read about industry trends around the world, including environmental issues, and articles that discuss the future of Australian mining.
  • For Western Australians, the best place to a supplier in the industry should contact Total Plant Hire for mining equipment hire.
  • If one lives in Australia, and is looking for work, then Australianmining.com is the best place to look. With vacancies listed across the country covering all types of mining, it is an essential bookmark for those who wish to secure future employment.
  • For a career and industry guide, miningoilandgas.com is an informative guide to Australian mining, with extensive job listings for the career miner who wishes to relocate.
  • Mining.com offers the reader a range of articles, covering gold, copper, coal, and iron ore mining. There are region-specific pages that go into detail about the current state of mining, and with investment news, one can get an idea where the future lies for the industry as a whole.
  • For Australians looking to get into the mining industry, Hays Recruitment Agency has a well-designed site that includes information on career opportunities, and they are perhaps the biggest mining recruitment company in Australia. There is a section on career advice, and they can also place people who wish to work in other parts of the world. The ideal place to start looking for a good employer who can offer on-site training, and with current news and trends, one can stay informed.

Mining as an industry is constantly in a state of change, so it makes sense to keep abreast of current issues, and the above sites are informative and cover every aspect of mining.

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