17 Ways to Reduce Stress from Work

After a long day of work, many of us are left feeling lethargic and stressed. Between rush hour traffic, irritating coworkers, intimidating bosses, email mails, phone calls and work load—it’s no wonder why we’re left feeling depleted, tired and stressed at night. So, if you’re looking for alternatives to alleviating your routine at night, or simply searching for ideas to combat stress, here are simple yet effective suggestions that anyone can do:

Ways to Reduce Stress from Work

1.) Take a bath—Drop in some essential oils, dim the lights and indulge yourself in a soothing bubble bath.

2.) Get comfy—Slip on your coziest, softest clothing and allow yourself to physically unwind from the day that was.

3.) Get some fresh air—Nothing calms the mind more than spending a little time with Mother Nature. Lace up those walking shoes and soak in some much needed fresh air to reflect and refocus.

4.) Put on some relaxing tunes—Hypnotize your mind with the relaxing melodies of your favorite music.

5.) Deep breathing exercises—Slowly inhale thru the nose and out thru the mouth; deep breathing exercises is an effective way to elevate your mood, circulate blood flow, alleviate physical tension and replenish your mind.

6.) Flip on the tube—Get horizontal and lay on the couch to immerse yourself with an interesting television show or movie. DIRECT’s Entertainment package is a wonderful and cost-efficient resource for finding a plethora of viewing options.

7.) Get cooking—Get your mind off of the day that was and distract your mind with a homemade meal.

8.) Write in your journal—Writing about the events that happened in the day is a wonderful way to burn off some much needed steam.

9.) Go on a drive—Nothing alleviates your mind like embarking on drive to no real destination.

10.) Play with your animals—“A man’s best friend” is all the company you need whenever feeling blue or stressed. Dogs are some of the most intuitive being on the planet, so take advantage of their awesomeness and empathy.

11.) Play with your kids—If you’re a parent, interacting with your children is a wonderful way to put things into perspective.

12.) Spend some time gardening—Let your rural side come out with a little landscaping chores.

13.) Stargaze—There is just something completely hypnotic about looking out into sky and focusing on “what’s out there.”

14.) Brainstorm your bucket list—List some of things you hope to partake and experience one day.

15.) Pickup an instrument—Let your artistic side blossom by teaching yourself how to play an instrument.

16.) Talk with your family—Speaking with loved ones is a wonderful way to not only put things into perspective, but to also laugh, cry and love each other—while thinking about the positives in your life.

17.) Pray—For the spiritual connoisseurs, involving yourself in some pray can be an incredibly therapeutic way of reflecting on one’s life and thinking about your hopes, desires and things you hope to improve.

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