4 Tips for Properly Storing Your Possessions


Whether you are in the process of moving your possessions or just need some extra space for them for a period of time, what are your options?

For many of Americans, the idea of putting some or all of their items in a storage facility is the answer they’ve been looking for.

In the event a storage unit might be in your best interests, how do you know which facility is the best one for you?

Making that decision can be difficult, but there is plenty of information online (along with in-person) visits that can help you come to the right call.

With that in mind, are you ready to go about properly storing your possessions.

Where and How to Store Your Items

So that you can safely and securely store your possessions when the time comes, remember these four tips:

  1. Storage facility – First and foremost, find a storage facility that ultimately cares about your goods. The last thing you want is storing your items at a center where they could be damaged and/or stolen. While in-person visits are the best way to ultimately decide which storage center is right for you, turn to the Internet to get you started. Whether you are looking for storage units in Alabama or countless other locations nationwide, be sure to do your homework. How long has the storage center been around? Does it have a good reputation for taking care of consumer’s items? Is it in a safe and secure part of town (see more below)? Lastly, are their prices reasonable when comparing them to similar facilities? Given how important your possessions are to you, the last thing you want to have happen is placing them in a center where they end up damaged and/or stolen for any number of reasons.
  1. Storing properly – Depending on what types of items you have, be sure to focus on safely storing them. For example, fragile items can’t simply be put in a box and throw in a corner. Be sure to wrap them carefully, using materials like bubble paper etc. If you’re storing items in cold-weather locations, take into account how the weather could impact your items in the wintertime. If you are storing photo albums filled with a lifetime of memories, make sure those items are carefully preserved. Unfortunately, some storage centers of lesser quality have issues when it comes to moisture, dampness etc. If your albums are not properly packaged, they could be damaged by mold etc. In the event that happens, such items could be damaged beyond repair.

How Secure is the Storage Center?

  1. Securely stored – Always take security into account when choosing and storing your items. If a storage center is in a bad part of town, how well will you sleep at night knowing some or all of your possessions are there? Your storage center of choice should be protected with both security cameras and a locked entrance, be it a key lock or code to enter the grounds. When going to and from your storage unit, be sure to not leave it unattended for any long period of time with the door open. It can be real easy for someone to swoop in and steal some of your stuff as you are out at your vehicle etc. Lastly, you can always check with local law enforcement as to the crime rates in the area where you will consider storing your goods. If the neighborhood is known for crime, can the storage center management convince you that your stuff will ultimately be safe?
  1. Storing timeline – Finally, while most storage centers nationwide are an ideal solution for storing your possessions temporarily, don’t let it drag on for years. First, you could tally quite a financial bill by keeping your stuff in storage for many months at a time. Secondly, you can’t be 100 percent guaranteed that the items will not be damaged over time. From temperature issues inside the unit to dust and even bugs, some of your possessions could ultimately be damaged despite your best efforts to protect them. Storage units are meant for temporarily solving your issue of not enough space and/or moving etc. Don’t look at a storage unit as a long-term solution.

Just as you ultimately want your home to look its best from the outside, caring for your possessions that go on the inside is important too.