5 Great Reasons You Should Walk To Work

How do you get to work? Do you hop in the car every morning and sit impatiently in traffic on the expressway? Do you stand waiting for a bus or cram into crowded subways? Maybe it’s time to try walking to work.


A comfortable walking distance is not that far according to researchers. In the U.S., a comfortable walking distance is considered to be only 0.25 miles, or a five-minute stroll. Your commute is likely longer than that but walking half an hour to and from work has major health benefits. Here are five great reasons to start walking to work:

1) Reduced Stress – Walking helps your mental well-being. Physical exercise releases endorphins that put you in a more positive mood, but it’s more than that. Walking makes you aware of your surroundings and gives you time to process events.

2) Time to Exercise – If you struggle to carve time out of your day to get to the gym, making exercise part of your commute can help. There’s no avoiding time spent commuting. If you can turn a fifteen-minute drive in traffic into a brisk forty-minute walk, you’re getting fit and getting to work. Walking to work can also just give you some time to yourself in a busy life.

3) Physical Fitness – Walking to work is great cardiovascular exercise. Improved body fitness can reduce health problems. Just make sure to go at a brisk enough pace to raise your heart rate and you will enjoy the same benefits that you would on a treadmill.

4) Save Money – Save money on gas or public transit fares by walking to work. Not only is walking good for your health, it’s also great for your budget.

5) Lower BMI and Smaller Waists – The health benefits of walking go beyond what you can get from the gym. The London School of Economics recently completed a study that found walking is a better deterrent against obesity than running, squash, Zumba, or going to the gym.

However, not everyone has the luxury of being able to walk to work – not just because of the distance, but because of problems with their feet. If foot problems like heel spurs, corns, calluses, Achilles tendonitis (often caused by overusing the Achilles tendon that connects your lower leg to your heel bone), or plantar fasciitis (a common cause of heel pain) get in the way of physical activity, book an appointment with an Toronto Foot clinic.

In Toronto, Feet First Clinic is a great option if you need help with a wide range of foot problems. They can help you learn about the latest foot solutions and provide treatments and accessories that will alleviate pain, discomfort and superficial blemishes including:

  • Custom orthotics – Orthotics are customized inserts that you can fit into your shoes, whether they’re orthopedic or not. They support your arch, provide relief to your knees, keep your ankle from rolling, and take pressure off your lower back. Walking without the right support can wear down your body and leave with you with lasting pains.
  • Compression stockings – Ideal for runners, prolonged sitting or standing, compression stockings help prevent vascular disorders by increasing blood flow. They’re used to treat issues like aching legs, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, lymphedema, diabetic ulcers, and more.
  • Diabetic foot care – People with diabetes can face complications with their feet, such as reduced sensation due to nerve damage, pain and cramping while walking, and ulcers caused by ill fitting footwear, due to poor foot health. Put your feet first at Feet First Clinic.

Booking an appointment with  Feet First Clinic and take that first step toward healthier feet. You’ll be able to walk, run, and exercise without the pain.