Advantages of Living near Academic Institutions

If you are interested in purchasing some Philippines real estate, you may be wondering about where you should start your property search. Which areas represent good investments, and which types of property are likely to bring you good profit when the time comes to sell it? When you are looking for popular property locations, your real estate agent may suggest that you consider purchasing a home close to an educational institution. But is this a good idea? Opinions differ on the subject; however, there are several advantages in buying a house close to a school, college or university, whether you are a single person, a couple without children or a young family.

house in the Philippines near a unverisity

Walking Distance

If you have young children, it is easy to see the benefit of living close to a school. With no need to drive, children can get some fresh air and exercise while walking to and from their place of education. If your children are a little older, they can enjoy the independence of heading off under their own steam while you are reassured that they are only journeying a very short distance.

Easy Access To Playing Fields

Living in close proximity to an educational institution with playing fields enables you and your family to have quick and convenient access to a useful exercise facility. Take advantage of the large green area for your own ball games or as a handy jogging location.

Close Police Monitoring

School zones tend to enjoy a greater amount of police protection, which means more regular patrols. This means that your home is more likely to be protected and safe from burglars and other criminals.

More Desirable Property

Homes that are within a short distance of a high- achieving educational institution can generally command a higher asking price. This will benefit you when you choose to sell your home in the future, and you will almost certainly make a bigger profit than your purchase.

Make Extra Income

If you live close to a research university, you may be able to make money on the side by offering yourself as a participant in clinical trials carried out by healthcare, psychology or anthropology departments.

Enjoy Discounts

Students are notorious bargain hunters, and shops, cafes and restaurants located close to universities often have lower prices or offer attractive discounts to lure the student population in. As a local resident, you too may be able to benefit from these offers.

Low Cost Tickets

If you enjoy watching sports or have a passion for the theatre, living close to a college or university would enable you to indulge in your hobby for free or at very low cost. College teams and drama facilities may offer tickets to their games and shows free of charge or at low prices to encourage locals to see and support the students.