What Are the Benefits of Combination Air Valves?

Anyone who is in the pipeline business would be able to answer this question without having to think about it, as a combination valve performs some essential operations. For the rest of us, a combination valve enables air to be removed from the pipeline, whenever a vacuum is required. The mining industry requires many kinds of combination valve, as pressurised water is always needed, and with the ability to allow water into the pipeline, the combination valve enables emptying the system.


Slurry Valves

A slurry valve is used with liquids under pressure, with the liquid containing at least 10% of solids, and state of the art technology has resulted in the Duel Slurry Air Release Valve (DSRV). This innovative piece of equipment automatically exhausts air from the system when it is being filled, while also allowing large volumes of air to enter the system when emptying. The mining industry is perhaps the largest that requires slurry valves, as they need to extract solids and use pressurised water to achieve this.

Vacuum Breaker Valves

These range in diameter from 50 – 200mm, and can withstand pressure up to 100 bar, and their primary task is to break the vacuum within the system by introducing air. If your business is located in Western Australia, and you are in need of a vacuum breaker valve, the people to talk to are Dual Valves, a leading company that specialises in valves of all types. These modern valves use a rolling ball action, which negates the need for cleaning, and also prevents blocking.

Deep Well Pumping

Combination valves are necessary to successfully pump water from deep wells, as they enable the operator to allow air into the system at will. Sewage systems often require cleaning, and dual valves make this a simple operation. The use of dual valves with high pressure systems demands durability and strength, and the latest generation of DSARV are more than adequate for the job.


This is essential in most heavy industries, and any valve that is being used on a high pressure pipeline would have to be certified. A failure could be very costly, and not just in financial terms, as any leakage could have an impact on the environment.

High Performance Seals

High pressure pipelines require the best quality seals, and with the latest generation of dual valves, there are both primary and secondary seals, with the latter made from Linatex, which can withstand very high pressures. A valve is only as good as its seal, and for this reason, much research has been done to find the best material for this essential component.

Once a vacuum has been achieved, the system will be free of air and the liquid will flow at a much faster rate, and when the system needs to be emptied for cleaning or pipeline repairs, the dual valve breaks this vacuum by allowing air into the system. If you are ever in need of such a valve, there are online solutions at affordable prices.