Custom Made v Prefab Farm Sheds

When building a new shed for the farm there is a tough call to make between buying a custom designed shed, or to invest in a prefabricated shed which has been designed to standard spec. This is very much an individual decision which you need to make, based on exactly what your requirements are. When it comes to farm sheds Melbourne farms range with many using standard designed sheds, and a good percentage also relying on custom-made sheds for their land. 

There are some core differences between these two shed types, and here is what you need to know when you are weighing up the difference between the two. 

Size and Shape 

When it comes to prefabricated sheds it is important to understand that these are made based on what would be the most common option to the consumer. With this in mind you are usually only going to find farm shed options which are rectangular in shape. In terms of custom sheds however, these can be created to any kind of dimension that the buyer needs, which enables them to purchase L-shaped sheds and many other styles. The same goes for length and prefab sheds will usually come in 2 or 3 different lengths. Custom sheds on the other hand can be purchased in any length that you require. 

General Cost of Each Shed Type 

One of the main reasons why prefab farm sheds are so popular is that they are very much the lowest cost option between these two choices. This of course stands to reason, given that custom-made sheds are created to the specifics of the person who is buying it. Many farmers understand the fine balance which needs to be found between saving money and buying a durable and high quality shed. Whilst a custom option can provide more benefits regarding shape and design, in most cases the prefab works well as a solid farm shed option. 

Overall Build Quality 

Something which many believe that actually isn’t true, is that there is a vast gap in quality between prefab and custom made sheds. The cost difference however is rarely down to the materials used and the quality of the sheds, but rather the detailed design which is given to custom sheds. And so if the size and shape of a prefab sheds fits your needs, then this will be a fine choice which will deliver a high quality option. There will be some increase in quality with a custom shed, but this is only down to the fact that you can request certain materials to be used. 

Making The Call 

Farmers use their sheds for a wide number of storage options and for different uses. It all depends on what exactly the farm plans to use the shed for over the course of a year, when it comes to choosing the right shed option. In most cases prefab farm sheds provide the ideal solution for short and long term storage on the farm. With this being said, many who have awkward machinery and a range of uses for their shed, will prefer to rely on a custom-made shed. 

These are the core differences between these two farm shed options.