Enhance Relaxation Levels In Your Home

Home should be a place to retreat and relax, away from your deadlines and projects at work, and the hassles of your commute. Taking the time to make some changes and upgrades to your place can enhance its relaxation factor significantly. Check out these ideas for inspiration and take it from there to make your home, no matter its size or current state, your castle.

Cluttered spaces increase stress and anxiety in a passive way. When we’re cramped in a space, we feel like the walls are closing in. Increase the roominess for better traffic and energy flow. Fall is the perfect time to get rid of a whole host of things in your way now that the weather is getting crisp and we’re spending more time indoors. If you’re not ready to part with some special things, visit a housewares store and get a few organizational structures, hollow furniture, shelving, or totes to at least hide them away.

Colour schemes in a room can psychologically change the feel of it. Rooms that you’d like to dedicate to relaxation like the bedroom or bathroom look lovely with soothing palates. Certain shades of the same colour can have different effects. Bright purple can be a bit harsh, but a muted lavender is pleasant. Greens, blues, and whites are mostly calming, as well. Get your favourite colours in there as accent pieces if they tend to ramp up stress (like red) rather than overwhelming the room with it.

A great argument for buying a good quality mattress is the amount of time we spend sleeping. In the same vein, why not maximize the comfort of your cleansing routine by splurging for a relaxing bath tub with spa jets? Choose one that is moulded to a comfortable shape that you can properly lean back and recline within. Nothing is more relaxing than having an expert take care of installing it properly, safely, and efficiently for you – call The Super Plumber and enjoy some soothing hot water, bath salts, and a glass of wine this weekend. While you’re at it, have the plumbing technician survey your home for any other problem areas that could use fixing. A plumbing emergency is a 100 on the stress metre!

Fill your living spaces with indoor plants and flowers and choose ones that are easy to care for. Natural beauty is calming because it connects us to our origins outside, especially when we can’t always spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. The scent of flowers is also pleasant and relaxing – much more so than a perfumed spray made from chemicals. Some lower maintenance choices include succulents, bromeliads, money trees, pothos, philodendrons, spider plants, kalanchoes, snapdragons, begonias, and any other variety of potted flowers you can get from the florist.

Some habitual tips to keep in mind for de-stressing is keeping activities meant for a certain room restricted to that room. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, keep your TV and laptop out of your bedroom. If making supper is taking a long time, your devices might also be to blame. There are also a handful of techniques for calming down that activate our natural relaxation response that include deep breathing according to a timed pattern, meditating and learning to accept the moment, and stretching routines that release tension and increase circulation.

Try some or all of these in your home and make it a true place to take comfort in.