Making Music Production Mobile

Most of the best inspiration comes to us at idle times. When we are traveling for instance, looking out the window on a train journey or soaking in the surrounding environment while walking home. A rhythmic baseline from the soul is playing on your mind, you spend your time adding to the beat, playing with the tempo and inputting effects. Soon, you’ve finally reached home, switched on your computer and you’re ready to record. Where has it gone? The music that came to you so naturally and without hesitation is nowhere to be found.

This is why you need to turn to making music production mobile, so that you never let your inspiration slip through the cracks of time. It may be a difficult pill to swallow. You might be wondering how could you possibly create anything worthwhile on a tablet? Well, take a cue from the Gorillaz, who reportedly used the ‘Synth’ app to record their album ‘The Fall’. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, the need for expensive recording studios is being trumped by the glory of music production apps. The technology is so advanced now compared to even a few years back. From emulators of famous synthesizers and production equipment, to interactive lyric pads, here is a list of some of the best apps out there for getting recording and production.


Producers, come forth!

‘GarageBand’ is an app developed by Apples themselves. Originally for the Mac, the geniuses scaled the interface down and made it in a way that really makes the most out of the iPad. ‘GarageBand’ is also really easy to pick up and learn as you’re using, making it ideal for anyone who wants to make great music. It comes with basic 8 track recording and production that is essential for all musicians. On the other hand, you could also purchase hip hop instrumentals for sale.

In addition, another big app on the list is ‘FL Studio Mobile HD’. If you know anything about music production you will without a doubt know FruityLoops. It comes with a 99 track sequencer and basic 8 track recording. If you’re a user of the desktop FruityLoops then this is ideal. You can also link up the app to the program and keep on top of all your projects.

Bang at the drum

This app is a nostalgic wonder for lovers of modern music. ‘ReBirth’ recreates 3 devices down to the very last detail, the Roland TB-303 Bass Synthesizer and the famous drum machine Roland Tr-808, along with the 909. Having such a big impact in the dance and rap genre, this app is a must.

Learning the guitar?

‘Ultimate Guitar Tabs’ has the largest database of guitar tabs you could ever find, around 400,000.With this you can learn any song you could think of, wherever you are.

Ideal for writers

‘Songwriter’s Pad’ is a lyricists’ best friend. If you’re in the mood to write some songs but are suffering from writers block, this app will help you get that creative spark. Ideas will come flowing to you with the tools included. To get started with a song, all you have to do is input your emotion to the idea generator. When things get moving along, you can use the thesaurus alongside the rhyming dictionary, helping to expand the range of your vocabulary and find fitting words that wouldn’t spring to mind. When your song idea and wording looks clean, you can then use the digital recorder to see how it sounds. If you love writing songs, ‘Songwriter’s Pad’ will definitely increase your output.

Rapper’s delight

Do you love to rap, but have a hard time giving your lyrics their worth when it comes to laying them on a track? When synergy isn’t working, ‘AutoRap’ matches the syllables of your rhymes to whichever beat you want! How cool is that? In addition, ‘AutoRap’ will match your beat to a visualization. Hip hop instrumentals for sale will only add to your masterpiece. After all is done, you can share it on any platform.

Wannabe musician?

Here’s some quick advice for the newbies. If you want to get started making a beat and you’re confused by all the possibilities, remember these steps:

Create a melody, this is your repetitive baseline, you can use any of the huge range of instruments and synthesizers, remember to use a wide variety of chords until you get something smooth.

The next step is to add effects, ambience and other subtle instruments–no good song is made with one instrument. Then, make some quality transitions between the chorus and the upcoming verse, get creative and try things out, you can mute the baseline for a moment. For  example, try to imagine or even go ahead and attempt singing along to see how it feels.

Finally, add a drumbeat. Never underestimate the ‘kick snare’–this is usually what makes a song so catchy. It can take a while to get a sound you’re happy with, so don’t give up. Get a few intriguing instrumentals, and give it a shot.