The best strategy to win in bingo

Few games are quite as much fun to play as bingo, but it’s not that easy to win big prizes on a regular basis. It’s not impossible of course, but winning regularly and making a profit out of bingo is very very difficult, and requires a lot of concentration and a good strategy to ensure victory. The good news is that dedicated players who’re determined to win can do so, as long as they follow the advice in this article.


Be sure to understand there are two kinds of bingo games. There are games in which there is no jackpot as such, but instead prizes are given out to the winners. Then there’s progressive bingo, which involves every player paying a small amount that goes into the jackpot, with each player having an equal chance at winning the cash prize. This type of game is also called jackpot bingo and is hugely popular because it offers players the chance to win big cash prizes.

Simple strategies

Many people say bingo is just a game of chance, but that’s not always true. Be sure to play a game where you can fill out the bingo card yourself by putting the numbers in the columns you wish. In this type of game, a good strategy is to put all the lowest numbers in column B, and avoid cards with the highest numbers. Make sure there are low numbers available under each column, as this can increase your chances of winning.

An alternative strategy involves playing bingo with as many cards as you can possibly handle. But be sure not to overdo it, because it can become very complex if you play with too many cards at once. If you play with more cards than you can handle, you’ll increase your chances of missing a number, and consequently, your chances of winning the jackpot diminish.

Advanced strategies

More serious bingo players know an advantage can be had by counting the numbers. The idea is based on the theory of predictability. Depending on how many balls are used, the balls should be called out in a fairly uniform pattern. There should also be a roughly even distribution of even and odd numbers, high and low numbers, and numbers ending in ones, twos, threes, etc. If you can keep count of which numbers are pulled out, you’ll soon realize which ones haven’t appeared as often. This makes it more likely that those numbers will be pulled out, which means you can take advantage by adding them to your bingo cards.

A mathematician by the name of Joseph E. Granville suggested that the best way to win at bingo is to play with cards that have an equal distribution of even and odd numbers, high and low numbers, and those ending in single digits from 0-9. He claims that in the long run, the spread of numbers called out will be more or less equal, so by having an evenly distributed set of numbers on your card, you’re guaranteed to win a fair amount of times.

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