The Importance Of Electrical Panel Upgrades

Homeowners and businesses depend on their electrical systems to work properly all the time. When they flip a switch, they expect lights or appliances to come on, and if remodelling or additions are made to a structure, they expect the electrical panel to provide enough electricity to accommodate the new extensions.

But that isn’t always the case. A large percentage of the modern technologies of today are powered by electricity, but as more appliances and equipment are brought into homes and offices, the electrical panel may be put into overload. Unfortunately, as technology advances and becomes more sophisticated, there becomes an increasing need for electrical panel upgrades.

Most older homes and structures were built before the 21st century, and probably have either a 60-amp or a 100-amp circuit panel. Many of the homes today are driven by a lot more electricity than they were back in the day, so a home would need to upgrade the panels to a two hundred amp circuit to ensure the safety of the structure – and the family or employees inside.

Sometimes a home will show visible signs that the electrical system is in need of an upgrade. Flickering or dimming lights when you turn them on, or the need to use extension cords or adapters are strong indicators that an upgrade is needed.

A faulty electrical wiring issue is a major cause of home fires, but an electrical panel upgrade will eliminate that danger for the security of the family. The use of electrical extension cords on more than a temporary basis poses a danger in the home by being the source of falls, or the tripping of circuit breakers.  Adding modern technical devices to an older home also puts it at risk – an electrical panel upgrade is needed to provide enough ampage to the home to properly handle the increased electrical load.

The fifty- to a hundred-amp circuits standard in older home used to be perfect for handling the home’s power needs, but today the demand is quadruple that of even twenty years ago. You should hire a quality electrician to inspect and analyze your home for an electrical panel update. Whether it is an older home or a newer one, having the electrical panel inspected is a necessity, and it’s really not that difficult – just visit and have one of their electricians give you an exact estimate. If you hire a quality electrician you will secure the safety your family, your possessions, and your home. 

A qualified electrician can provide you with many services that you were not aware that you needed. They will check and inspect all wiring, switches, outlets, and the breaker box. They will ensure that you have an electrical panel that can handle all of your home’s demands. It’s not worth it to suffer through flickering lights and tripped breakers, and it’s certainly not worth risking a potential house or office fire – call a licensed electrician if you think you need a panel upgrade.