Top 5 Adventurous Things To Do In New York

The Big Apple has long been a destination for people who want to lose themselves in a new city and who are seeking adventure in their lives. It’s no wonder that this city has so many different attractions available and that is often caters to those with a strong sense of adventure or who are seeking a thrill. Come alive with the city and enjoy everything it has to offer with our top 5 list of adventurous things to do while in New York City

1. Go On The Empire State Observatory Deck

From over 100 stories up in the air, the world looks a bit smaller. Experience the euphoria that others have enjoyed from the amazing observatory decks. Virtual reality operators offer amazing simulations of what it is like to descend from the building in a number of different ways. The outside of the building is often lit up in different ways as well, making for a perfect photo opportunity with friends or family.

2. See New York On A Helicopter Tour

While the Empire State Building makes the world seem a little bit smaller, helicopter tours give you the entire city in the palm of your hand. These tours take you around the entire city, giving you a birds eye view of one of the most famous locations in the world. Surprisingly affordable, they are offered at most times of the day or night. This is a perfect gift for the romantic couple and a great experience to share with your best friend.

3. Visit Ellis Island

Ellis Island, the location where most immigrants entered the country for over 100 years of the nation’s history, is now one of the most interesting museums in the world. With information about different families who found their way into the country and the lives that they went on to live, it can be both uplifting and saddening at the same time. A great compliment to this museum is the nearby tentament museum that shows how many immigrants spent their first years in the USA.

4. Ride The Roosevelt Island Tram

Going from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan is a hassle when you are going over land, but from the air it can be one of the most interesting experiences of your life. From 250 feet in the air, it travels at almost 16 miles per hour. The short tip offers multiple chances to take quick photos and a custom SnapChat filter completes the experience. Leaving the station more than 100 times a day, you will never have to worry about missing the tram.

5. Go To An Interactive Theater

Only offered in New York City, interactive theaters put you in the middle of the action and encourage you to move from scene to scene. You control the pace and can see as much or as little of the show as you want. The Film Noir environment makes you feel like you have been thrown back through time, while giving you an insider look into this amazing production.