What to Tell Your Insurance Company After a Car Accident


After getting into a car accident, most people know that the next step is calling the insurance company and trying to get the situation resolved. However, for those who have never been in an accident, it can be tough trying to figure out how to talk to your insurance company and what specifically you should say.

In order to ensure your insurance company has all the necessary details, there are a few things you should make sure you include in your conversation.

Wait to Call

While it is important to call your insurance company and file a claim fairly soon after the accident, it can be a smart idea to wait a couple of hours before calling them. After being in an accident, your emotions may be high and your adrenaline may be rushing, which can lead to you not remembering the details correctly. When giving the information to your insurance agent, you want to present the facts and details in an objective manner in order to receive the best settlement for your claim.

Tell Them You Have a Lawyer

In many cases, insurance companies give more attention to the cases that include a personal injury attorney. Due to the experience of lawyers, insurance companies are more likely to value your claim more than those without a lawyer. If you suffered an injury or a severe accident, consider hiring a car accident lawyer in Atlanta to give yourself the best chance at getting a good, fair settlement.

Do Not Tell Them You Are Fine

Many people call the insurance companies right away and tell them that they were not injured in the accident. While you might believe you were not injured, especially in a minor accident or fender bender, there could be internal injuries or other injuries and pain you have yet to discover. Certain injuries, including bruises, neck pain, whiplash, and even back pain can take a few hours or a couple of days to reveal themselves to you. Moreover, some accidents can yield long-lasting injuries. If your insurance company asks if you were injured in the accident, if you are not sure yet, tell them that you are visiting a physician and will inform them once you know the extent of your injuries.

Do Not Guess

There are some questions where you may not know the specific answers to, including your speed, where the other driver was positioned, the distance between you and the other cars, etc. While it can be tempting to guess an answer of the some of the questions, it is best to either avoid answering, if possible, or answer with a simple “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember.”

The issue with guessing is that you may be wrong. The wrong answer can lead to you being accused falsely of being at fault, or any inconsistencies between your answers and the other driver’s answers can lead to you not getting the proper settlement.

Dont Accept the First Offer

Depending upon the accident, you may have sustained serious injuries or expensive car repair bills. Sometimes insurance companies lowball on their first settlement offer, which may not actually cover your injury costs, auto repairs, and other bills. If you believe the offer you have been given is not actually fair, consider reaching out to an attorney, as they can offer you a second opinion on the estimates of the actual damages.

Give Details but Avoid Names

It is important to be as detailed as possible when relaying the accident to your insurance company, as they need to know specifically what happened in order to deal with the other insurance company and get you a fair settlement. However, while giving all the facts and details are important, it is equally important to avoid giving specific names. If for any reason you were to end up in a lawsuit, you may be forced by the court to provide contact information for any name you may have provided, including family members, friends, mechanics, and doctors.

Knowing what to say to your insurance company can help you resolve the issue quickly and get yourself back to normal life as soon as possible.

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