3 Unexpected Reasons Why Companies Use Acoustic Blankets

Occupational hearing loss is one of the most common workplace injuries in the U.S.

Every year, 22 million Americans are working in environments with dangerous noise levels. Companies pay out $242 million in workers’ compensation every year. It’s no surprise they are looking for ways to better protect their employees.

One way companies are doing this is by using safety equipment like acoustic blankets. Here are three reasons why.

What Acoustic Blankets Do

Industrial settings like construction sites can produce noise levels up to 120dB. For context, anything above 80dB is hazardous to human hearing. Factories, water treatment plants, and utility companies all face these issues. This is why safety equipment is essential in these places.

Acoustic absorption materials can reduce noise levels and make these work settings safer. Thick fiberglass blankets fasten around noisy apparatuses to dampen their sound energy output.

1. Noise Reduction

Excessive noise in a workplace can cause psychological issues and increase stress levels. It can also heighten heart rate and blood pressure, and limit workers’ productivity by up to 65%.

Acoustic blankets can have a huge impact on the well-being of employees.

Barium sulfate coats the inside, which reflects sound toward the source. This creates an acoustical barrier that brings the equipment noise level down by up to 15dBA.

2. Thermal Protection

Industrial machinery, like turbines and compressors, can have components that get red-hot. Safety equipment applied to these components reassures personnel and strengthens morale. It also minimizes workplace injuries, like burns.

The financial impact of this is profound. Minimizing the risk of injury means companies needn’t worry about workers’ compensation payments. Companies can also contribute to lowering national occupational injury statistics.

Due to the construction of acoustic blankets, they have excellent thermal properties. This protects employees and insulates equipment. Read on here.

Insulating thermal hazards also reduces the ambient temperature in a work environment. This makes workers more comfortable and reduces any cooling and air-conditioning costs.

3. Truly Multi-Purpose

Safety equipment suppliers can fabricate and customize acoustic blankets to order. Computer-Aided Design methods ensure correct size and shape. This reassures companies that they are paying for the safety measures they need.

Double-sewn construction ensures a hard-wearing product that can last up to 15 years. A series of sturdy fasteners on each blanket makes removal simple. This means there is no need to sacrifice access to equipment for maintenance.

Equipment maintenance costs are brought down by these blankets, too.

Finally, a removable safety blanket is reusable. Applied to other fixtures or updated appliances, it can have a big impact on future budget issues.

Protect Personnel and Cut Costs

The care of employee health — along with the general safety of the work environment — is crucial. Reduced maintenance and energy costs aside, it’s clear why companies use acoustic blankets.

By using this safety equipment, you can help bring down the number of valued employees injured by exposure to hazardous noise levels.

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