How to maintain your health as you age

Wondering how to maintain your health as you age ? Getting hearing tests is one way of maintaining your quality of life
Photo by CC user Bergsten on Wikimedia Commons

As adults, the aging process is one of those things that we don’t like to think about as we go about our daily lives.

Despite this, the effects of this inevitable aspect of living will occur whether we want them to or not. By taking a proactive attitude, you can live a long and healthy life well into your golden years. Here’s how to maintain your health as you age.

1) Test your hearing regularly

Of all the functions that have a direct impact on your quality of life, there are few that are more important than having a sharp sense of hearing.

While it is important that you take every measure possible to protect your hearing as you age, some of these losses occur genetically.

As such, getting a regular hearing test is important, as it will establish the current level at which your ears are operating.

If they ever drop below a certain point, obtaining hearing aids will help you function as normally as you did when you were younger. With plenty of models that are discreet and easy to hide, you needn’t fear the social stigma of having a visible hearing aid.

2) Get a full medical checkup at least annually

In addition to having your hearing tested, it is important that you establish an annual baseline of your overall health.

From the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream to tracking the development of any abnormal growths, staying on top of what is happening in your body is key to nipping any adverse health conditions in the bud.

When disorders such as heart disease and cancer are caught in their early stages, the prognosis for a full recovery is much better than when they are only uncovered in their later stages.

3) Exercise regularly

Don’t believe the cultural stereotype that exercise and sports are the sole domain of younger adults. In fact, physical activity becomes more important the older you get.

The reason for this is that your base amounts of muscle and bone deteriorate naturally as you move towards middle age and beyond.

By adopting a resistance exercise regimen, you can maintain and increase your musculature and the density of your bones even as an older adult.

While your maximum potential will be lower than someone younger, your overall level of fitness will be better than the majority of younger adults.

Finally, participating in sports will also give you a social connection to other adults, which is something that becomes increasingly important as you age.

4) Take up hobbies that challenge your mind

Another part of your body that suffers declines as you get older is the mind. It has been shown that even people that are predisposed to disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are able to stall the progress of these maladies by participating in hobbies that challenge their minds.

By learning languages, solving crossword and number puzzles such as Sudoku, or by participating in card plays (such as Bridge) on a regular basis, you can continue to form new neural pathways in your head even as you move into the golden years of your life.