Fun things to do on holiday in Las Vegas

There are many fun things to do on holiday in Las Vegas
Photo by CC user skeeze on Pixabay

Las Vegas is one of the more popular holiday destinations in the United States, as it markets itself as a Disneyland for adults.

Despite the fact that most associate this city with the many gaming opportunities it provides its visitors, there are plenty of other fun things to do on holiday in Las Vegas that don’t involve putting your money at risk.

In this post, we will share a few of our favorite suggestions.

1) See Vegas from above

Las Vegas is quite the sight to see for the first time visitor, but what you see at ground level is nothing compared to the views available thousands of feet in the air.

Since you’re spending tons of money on this holiday, go on and shell out a few hundred dollars more so that you can experience a helicopter tour.

From above, you’ll get a chance to view its many brilliantly-lit buildings and the rusty desert that surrounds it.

For best results, be sure to head out around dusk, as the colors of the sky will add a dimension to your flight that will make it a truly unforgettable experience.

2) Explore the Neon Museum

Las Vegas is a place that is constantly evolving, as there are casinos that are constantly refurbishing themselves, or they are being torn down to be replaced by the newest and glitziest concept to hit The Strip.

Some of the best casino signs of yesteryear are conserved at a place called the Neon Museum. An outdoor shrine to the audacious signs that once graced the front of many casinos and associated businesses around town, it is here you will find the old gatekeepers to such places as Binion’s, the Sahara and Sassy Sally’s.

Well-preserved and lit up at night, this place is a Wonderland for photographers, so be sure that your batteries are charged and that your memory cards have plenty of space before heading over here.

3) Go play in Red Rock Canyon

If you are an active traveler, be sure to make a trip outside the city to Red Rock Canyon at some point during your visit.

Located only 15 miles to the west of downtown, you can be in the middle of the best nature that the Las Vegas area has to offer within a half hour.

This federally managed area is popular with local hikers and rock climbers, with the latter enjoying sandstone walls that tower upwards of 3,000 feet above their bases.

Even if you have a fair amount of outdoor experience, be careful of the heat during the summer. Even if you are visiting outside the peak heat season, ensure that you bring plenty of water, as the dry air can make you dehydrated quickly.