Nature Tripping To Vanuatu: Here’s What to Pack on Your Adventure


Vanuatu is a haven of raw nature here on earth. Found in the South Pacific, the island welcomes everyone with its pristine beaches, ancient culture, rugged and remote islands, world-class diving, magma-filled craters and many more on its 80-plus island archipelago.

Wherever you are in the world, going to Vanuatu should be on your bucket list – especially if you worship nature and all its raw beauty. Coming from Australia, the islands is a short travel away through flights to Vanuatu from Melbourne, so remember to book ahead of time if you plan to go anytime soon – and you may also get promos and discounts for early booking.

First things first. Check these essential tidbits.

  • Best time to go is Winter (or anything of the year, really. *Wink*)
  • Say ‘Halo’ if you want to say hello and ‘Tangkiu’ for thank you (Bislama)
  • Electricity voltage is 230V/50hz
  • A 30-day visa is issued at the border for most nationalities, but extensions are also available.

Now here’s what you need to pack for your upcoming Vanuatu adventure:

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear. This should be based on what kind of journey you want to experience. You may also buy everything there if you don’t want to carry extra stuff.

  • If you’re staying in the islands and want to swim or dive throughout the day, shorts, flip-flops, and T-shirts are enough; you might need a light sweater during the night (May to October). You may also get all of these in Santo or Port Villa, at reasonable prices.
  • If you’re thinking about bush excursions or the volcano, you’ll need a pair of good walking shoes, a waterproof jacket, long trousers, and a hat.
  • If you’re going to explore the beaches for a jump over the reef’s edge, then bring waterproof shoes to walk on the reef as well as a rash guard or waterproof shirt. Leave the tech stuff at home, excluding your action camera, of course.
  • Treat all of your clothes and mosquito nets with permethrin.

Bring a convertible bag. This type of bag can be easily opened up for convenient management of your storage and can be carried either with a belt of shoulder straps. A smaller bag will be useful for trips and excursions. Don’t forget to bring your passport and money in an inside pocket.

Medical supplies and toiletries. Antihistamines, antibiotics, analgesics, antiseptics, anti-diarrheal tablets, and bandages are all essentials. Don’t forget your prescription medicine as well. You can bring purifying tablets for your peace of mind. Bring an insect repellent with at least 30 percent DEET and a waterproof sunscreen with no less than 50 SPF.

Outdoor/Camping gear. A sleeping bag will be useful, especially if you’re not used to sleeping in bungalow beds. Mosquito nets are normally provided, but the mesh is often quite wide, so bring your own if you want to avoid uninvited visitors while sleeping. Front torches, lighters, and candles are important as well. Bring a good knife (or a diving knife too).

Others. Of course, bring your favorite set of whatnots when you travel. Bring foods, good books, your music player, journals, and treats from home. Take note that you can also buy these things in Vanuatu as well.

There you have it! All that’s left is for you to set up your schedule, pack up your bag and secure flights to Vanuatu from Melbourne ahead of time to enjoy Air Vanuatu’s many promos. Enjoy your nature adventure!