7 Ways to Protect your Carpet


Carpets are a perfect way to enrich the design for your home. They can make a subtle statement about your choice of life, they can brighten up a room, and you can easily distinguish whether a room is formal or casual just looking at the choice of carpet. However, carpets can be quite expensive, and they require careful protection from all sorts of damage. Food spills, pets, heavy furniture, even shoes, can cause irreparable damage, so that’s why you need to remember to protect your carpet.

Keep food in the kitchen

Many times a carpet will be stained by food. Making sure that food, drinks, and snacks, are always placed in the kitchen will greatly reduce the chances for accidental spillage. That goes doubly if there are kids around in the house, as they are prone to making a mess when there’s food around.

Train your pet

Pets are an addition to the family, but they can pose a serious threat of damaging the carpets. A playful puppy might bite off chucks of the carpet, or a kitty might scratch it, so make sure to train your pets to not damage your carpet. Or if that’s not an option, do your best to keep them off the carpet as often as possible.

Take off your shoes

Carpets can get easily damaged when a person walks onto one with muddy or dirty shoes. The best way to avoid getting footprints, dirt, mud, and other particles that stain or ruin a carpet is to take off your shoes every time you step inside the house.

Use curtains or blinds

Direct exposure to sunlight over extended period of time can cause a carpet to become faded. Over time, the parts that have been exposed to light will become duller and look lighter, as opposed to the rest of the carpet. Installing curtains or blinds is a great way to prevent this from happening.

Place coaster under the furniture

Heavy furniture can definitely ruin a carpet. It can harm the carpet fibres, causing them to be flatter, and in turn leaving permanent damage. After rearranging the furniture, indentations in the carpet will be apparent and that’s rarely a pretty sight. Make sure to use coasters that are designed to be place under heavy furniture.

Don’t drag heavy items across the carpet

It might seem like a no-brainer, but this is a big risk that can be easily mitigated. Always use a canvas tarp or drop cloth to protect the carpet if you’re planning on moving heavy items.

Use protective coatings

Some rug and carpet companies offer a coating product that helps your carpet resist all kinds of filth, like mud and dirt. Products like these elongate a carpet’s lifespan and keeps them looking new and pristine for longer periods of time. But keep in mind, that if you plan on using coatings, they need to be reapplied periodically, and that they don’t protect the carpet from everything. If you do use it, don’t forget to protect your carpet in other ways as well.