Lightweight, Durable, and Heavy Duty: The Beauty of Aluminum


Did you know that heavy duty aluminum ladders are one of the most popular ladders for both professional and domestic use? This is because of the fantastic metal that aluminum actually is. Aluminum is widely available on this planet, easy to recycle, resistant to rust and fire, doesn’t crack or warp, and very light weight. It is also incredibly durable, which means these ladders will last a lifetime, unlike many other types. Yes, they are often slightly more expensive than wooden ones, but because the last so much longer, they really are better value. Plus, aluminum can be curved and shaped, so many more different types of ladders can be made.

Different Aluminum Ladders

There are many different aluminum ladders available, including:

  1. The extension style ladder that allows you to work at various heights. Simply set the bottom away from the wall and lean the top of the ladder against it, and you will have a safe and stable work platform.
  2. The platform style ladder, which looks like a V placed upside down. The top has a really wide step for added safety, and you can also use it to play your supplies and tools on them. These fold up and are easy to store.
  3. The roof style ladder, which comes with hooks that can attack to your roof, making it super stable. This is the number one choice for safety if you want to work on a pitched roof. Plus, they have wheels on one side of the ladder for easy movement.
  4. The combination style ladder that can be used on lots of different projects. Professional and domestic users alike really like this one, because it can be arranged in many different ways. Plus, it folds up for easy storage.
  5. Scaffolding ladders, which are really only suitable for construction sites. They come with lots of sections and are really large so that many people can use them together.

Things to Consider

When you use an aluminum ladder, there are a few things to think about. Aluminum conducts, for instance, so you need to be careful around electrical wires. Also, you have to look after the metal so that it stays in pristine condition. Lastly, check the weight rating because, although strong, it is not invincible.

Ladder Accessories

You can also get a few cool accessories for your ladder to further improve your abilities to use them for work:

  • Platforms that you can take on the runs so that you can rest the tools that you aren’t using safely.
  • Trays, which you put towards the top of the ladder, enabling you to keep buckets and tools with you.
  • Stays, so that the ladder doesn’t butt against the wall you’re working on. This is an important accessory if you want to work on gutters or eves.

Lastly, remember to properly maintain your ladders. You don’t have to do much, but you do have to make sure there is no damage to the ladder before you use it.