The Pillars of Gaining and Maintaining an Excellent Reputation


You have probably heard about the importance of online reputation management. In fact, it is about as easy to find an online reputation management company as it is to find a search engine optimization (SEO) company (mainly because they are now usually one and the same thing). However, just what is online reputation management (ORM)? It is, in fact, a specialized type of service that ensures your reputation is maintained online. Similar, therefore, to offline public relations (PR) companies.

So how does this work? Essentially, they look at finding and blocking negative reviews, comments, and news about your business, so that your customers aren’t able to find it. They also find and push forward positive things about you online. They achieve this through a range of different tools and strategies. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Blogging Creates a Positive Reputation

Everybody knows that a great way to connect to an audience is by blogging. That is why even the world’s greatest brands like KFC and PepsiCo are even blogging. Once upon a time, a blog was nothing but a venting ground for people who wanted to share stories, express their anger, and more. However, with the global market becoming increasingly competitive, thousands of dollars are now being invested in writing blogs. Blogs help companies not just spread news, but also to engage with and listen to their customers. When you hire an ORM company, they will help you to set up a blog and keep it up to date, as well as performing SEO actions to make sure customers find your blog. Plus, when comments are left, they help you to respond to hose. This will help build your authority and credibility, and your customers will love you for it.

Article Marketing Makes You More Credible

Article writing is another very common reputation building tool. This type of work has been a reliable way to build reputation and to build their page rankings as well. This is why there is such a huge need for people who write SEO content. It is important to be able to write articles that don’t sell your products to customers, but rather sell your information to other websites. You can do this through a range of sites like Build My Rank, Article Alley, and Ezine. This enables you to quickly reach your target audience.

Get Feedback

All good ORM companies ask others to give feedback about you. This is done not just from your customers, but also from your suppliers and your employees. They do this through video conferencing, contact forms, surveys, and so on. Doing this provides you with honest reviews, so that you know where you can make changes.

It is critical that you effectively manage your online reputation. One negative comment that you overlook can literally mean the end of your business, as it can destroy your reputation in just a few minutes, particularly if it goes viral. This is why you need a professional ORM company to help maintain your rep.