The Work a Company that Manages Reputations Does


Have you ever considered hiring a professional to manage your reputation? This is a pretty new concept, but one that is taking the world on online marketing by storm. But just what is it that a reputation management firm does?

The Work of a Reputation Management Company

Once upon a time, reputation management was part of public relations. However, when business reputations became more important and harder to manage due to market growth, it separated from public relations and became a business in its own right. This happened mainly with the advent of the internet, because an online reputation became so easy to break.

Clearly, this separation was a direct result of supply and demand. But what you will see today is that those who work in reputation management have a strong public relations background. They know, in other words, how to handle the public, even when they are very angry. They also continue to use the tactics they did in the past, only they now do it on a huge scale.

A reputation management firm’s main duty is to make sure pad press doesn’t damage your company. They do this by looking at all the different angles from which a negative opinion about you could come. This includes traditional print and media, but mainly the internet. They watch what is being said at all times, who said it, and try to understand why it was said. And then, they control the damage.

Essentially, what your reputation management firm will do for you is rebuild relationships with your unhappy customers. They will make sure that complaints are addressed and, wherever possible, resolved, in a way that is beneficial to everybody. They listen intently to what your customer is saying and work together with them to find a fair solution. This means that they constantly monitor all the different customer comments that are being left on the many different channels that exist online. It really is a huge task.

But they do more than that as well. Because they monitor what is being said about you all the time, they will also be first to know when something positive appears. This is as important as the negative stuff and has to be dealt with properly as well. Whenever something good is shared, again either online or in traditional media, your reputation management expert will make sure that the whole world hears about it. They will send out press releases, Tweet about it, share it on Facebook, write a blog about it, publish it in print, put in a newsletter, and more.

Basically, a reputation management consultant is there to constantly monitor you. They are your personal, and completely legal, spy, in other words. They make sure you know what you can do to avoid further bad press from happening, address any bad press that is already out there, and highlight all of the fantastic things people say about you, and that you do as well.