How to Save Money on Your Wedding

For couples, their wedding is the most special day of their lives, the moment that you cement your love for each other in front of your family and your friends. For women especially this day is particularly important, the chance to wear a beautiful dress and a day where the large majority of the attention is put them and their happiness.

Whilst this is a special day in the lives of a couple it can also prove to be a very expensive one, hiring chapels or hotels, buying rings, paying for meals for the guests, clothing and wedding accessories, it can all add up and sometime the pressure of paying for a wedding can cause much stress. To avoid this stress and still ensure that you have the perfect day, here are some cost savings tips that you could look at for that special day.

Avoid Saturday

Saturday is the most popular day for couples to get married and hotels and churches are in no shortage of weddings on these days. Remember that weddings are big money for places like these and many are willing to offer discounts for weddings on Sundays or weekdays. This may prove a little impractical for your guests but it can save you and your fiancé a great deal of money if you change the day.

Don’t Rush

If your engagement proves to be short then you will end up having to make snap decisions and rising things which will invariably cost you more money. Having a longer engagement gives you more time to prepare, to seek out the best deals and find the best locations. You have the rest of your lives together, there really is no rush.

Ring the Changes

There always seems to be so much pressure on the cost of the wedding band, in reality it is important to remember that the ring is a symbolical gesture signifying the never-ending nature of your love for one another. It seems foolish therefore to spend insane amounts of money on your wedding band and there are some alternatives that you could consider. Rubber wedding bands are a great alternative to an expensive wedding ring, it may not sound like much but there are some beautifully designed products on the market that are incredibly durable, lightweight and super comfortable. Saving money on the ring means that you will have more money to spend on things like your honeymoon and it will take the pressure off spending thousands on a band.

Fake the Cake

In truth, an elaborate wedding cake is for aesthetics alone, the guests don’t care too much when it is cut up on their plate and with the exception of the cutting ceremony, there isn’t much need for an intricate 4-tiered cake. The money-saving solution is to fake it, have a cardboard cut out of a cake with the top layer being a real cake, this way you can cut the cake when you need to, and don’t need to shell out the crazy money for a specialist cake.