Trading Live Videos

Advanced live charts for Forex trading are normally free and also very simple to use at ForexLive. These Charting packages help you apply technical analysis to several FX pairs since the packages themselves are always real-time. The trading live videos and charts also default to candlestick charts to assist you in trading foreign exchange. They also update live.

There is a possibility that your forex broker may possess charts that do not update as quickly or have some other advanced features as compared to ForexLive where charts provide both the long-term and short-term opportunities for technical analysis. It is, therefore recommended that you use the live trading charts as well as education and news to trade on currencies such as US dollar, the Euro, and the Japanese Yen.

The traders also have an opportunity to join analysts live as they trade during the most vital news events in Forex. Also available are some very interactive educational webinars as well as archives. You are also able to ask the analysts questions which will be comprehensively answered. From these videos, you can also learn how to deal with ups and downs of trading for a living. In addition, it gives you the keys to becoming a successful as well as a profitable Forex Trader as well as recognition of the Forex Trapping patterns.

These experts and traders also cover the currency market movements and also share trading strategies. Even for new traders, these videos are imperative since they help you learn at your pace, introducing you to Forex basics, platform functionality, account support and much more. Some of the most recent available Forex live videos include;

  • The Asian session; live market analysis and focus. A renowned trader expert by the name of Dr. Sirvaraman will give his ever reliable Forex market forecast including live Forex market analysis as well as market reading and also the expected levels of AUD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/YEN, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and, USD/CHF.
  • Morning show; Pre US Election edition. This will be a live analysis in the European opening bell. Crunch analysis, Yohay Elam could help you share your ideas with the entire community.
  • The day before the US elections and the outlook for November 7-11 week. There will be a leading analyst at FBS known as Elizabeth Belugina who will be providing technical and fundamental analysis for the major currency pairs as well as commodities, and on top of that, she will share her trade ideas.

The above are just a few of the many live events that will happen in the near future. These live video events at forex will assist all traders at forex in planning for the