Common Sense Tips to Make Google Notice Your Site

Whether you are a non-profit spreading your message or an e-commerce site selling teddy bears; getting your site to rank high on Google search results is one of the most powerful things that can happen to your organization. Here are some common sense tips to make Google notice your site.


Speed Matters
Keep your site lean and clean and Google will notice. Service like Sitelock can help your site stay fast by using Content Delivery Networks to distribute your content, images, and videos quickly to your users. This is not a Sitelock Scam, in fact it is quite the opposite; Sitelock can help your site stay clean from SPAM, hacks, and DDoS attacks to make sure your site is always running clean and lean.  There are other steps you can do to increase the speed of your site and Google will take notice. Make sure your images are highly compressed to ensure they load fast on any device or network. You also want to minimize your stylesheets and javascript files to make sure they load fast. Google puts heavy emphasis on page loads so these tips can help with your ratings. Google also provides tools to test and rank your site, which can be incredibly helpful, tips to make Google notice your site.

Content, Content, More Content
One thing Google puts above all others is content. Long gone are the days of loading up some hot key words in there header code and expecting results overnight. Today, high Google rankings come from creating high quality content that is read and shared by users.  Using a Content Management System (CMS) can make adding content a breeze. Technologies such as WordPress allow you (or any non-developers) to constantly and easily add images, videos, and text to your site. Don’t add content just for the sake of content (there is no need for bird-watching blog posts on your dentist site) but adding relevant content will organically increase your readership and Google rankings. Page clicks and Google ratings are intertwined so it can be a bit of a catch-22, initially it may be hard to get momentum going but by harnessing the power of social media and getting your content read and shared you will start to see some major increases in your rankings. Once your ranks increase you will get more viewers and Google will take notice, it is a cycle that can increase your clients and rankings exponentially. So start writing!
You cannot fool Google’s algorithms but you can create quality sites full of rich and relevant content to increase your rankings in Google.  Be sure your site is fast and free of spam to make sure you don’t get on the dreaded blacklist. Even purchasing some Adwords to get the ball rolling can be helpful but even advertising dollars can’t help as much as our common sense tips to get make Google notice your site.