The Benefits Of VPS Web Hosting

The time has come for your small business to make the switch from shared hosting onto a Virtual Private Server (VPS), offering you a greater amount of your own resources without requiring you to share with other websites, faster speeds, and better security. Alternatively, your established company already works on a VPS but is looking for more advanced options without having to order a dedicated server and over-pay for features you don’t need. Regardless of where you are in your growth as a business, there is a flexible VPS plan out there that will suit your needs and allow you to pay for only the services you want.

For start ups, a basic VPS plan will likely offer enough reserves to boost your website’s performance and your user experience. These are available through affordable web hosting entities like HostPapa for as little as $19.99 for your first month. This package includes 4 core CPU, 1.5 gigabytes of memory, 50 gigabytes or storage and one terabyte of transfer. Because virtual private server web hosting is managed by the provider’s own IT specialists, potential network issues are taken care of, as is security and firewall, software upgrades, migrating your service, and setting up your e-mail. Furthermore, their award-winning customer service team is available to help clients familiarize themselves with their new service and offers around the clock support through phone, e-mail and live chat.

The Benefits Of VPS Web Hosting outweigh the drawbacks

Essential features as a part of all their plans include lightening fast speeds for users, fully automated website provisioning, e-commerce optimization, as well as the ability to host multiple websites and manage multiple servers – ideal if you have a sister company or coordinate online activity for clients. You’ll also have the ability to install hundreds of apps with one click including the ever-popular WordPress interface and be awarded control at the root level which gives you highest authority as a website administrator. Most plans also include security features for enterprises with online stores like SSL connection which encrypts a user’s financial information and protects it from hackers.

What changes across this provider’s plans is how much space and memory is dedicated to your company. With their premium and ultra packages, CPU, storage, memory and transfer are doubled, tripled and even quadrupled to meet the volume of a given company’s needs. Because essential features are offered all the way through, it’s simple for businesses to scale up as they require. The more complex your online activity becomes, the more resources you’ll need to keep your systems running smoothly, however with this provider, you will not have to contend with the burden of switching hosts down the line.

For cheap web hosting, irrespective of how small or how fast-growing your business, choosing a VPS over other hosting options has a myriad of benefits. Primarily, it offers scalability for growing enterprises, and cost-saving opportunities for larger corporations and organizations who can upgrade to the higher tier packages instead of switching to an expensive dedicated server. To conclude, it offers the greatest amount of features for a highly competitive price.