How to Use The Internet To Learn Just About Anything

We are absolutely blessed to have the power of the internet at our fingertips in this generation and the way in which it has radically altered our lives is nothing short of mind blowing. One of the most positive things that has come from the dawn of the internet age is that we are now able to learn just about anything using the internet.


I have often sat at the computer screen, somewhat lost for something to do because of the sheer magnitude of options in front of me. In spite of the high volume of things that I could do online, I often find myself hovering around just a handful of websites and I have been seeking to change that by learning something new. If you are looking to boost your skills, knowledge or education, here are just some of the things which you can learn about online, and how to do so.

Learning to Drive

Now, as yet we do not have a method of using the internet to learn about the practice of driving but we can use the internet to help us to learn about the theory side of things. The stumbling block for many people when it comes to learning to drive is passing the DMV written exam. In order to help you avoid becoming one of the four in ten who fail at the first go, you can practice your driving exam online from any number of websites who offer you mock tests and exam style questions to help you pass first time.

Back to School

You no longer need to go back to school or take a course at college in order to further your higher education and there is a huge array of ways in which you can do this yourself through the internet. If you are looking for university-level education then you could look into online resources such as iTunesU or the magnificent Khan’s Academy which will give you access to a huge amount of university lectures, study materials and tutorials for you to boost your knowledge.

Picking Up An Instrument

If you have always had dreams of being able to play the piano, the guitar, the violin or any other musical instrument that you can think of, you can learn how to do so online. Once you have bought the instrument, all you need to do is to look on a site like YouTube where you will find a huge range of videos that give you step-by-step guides on going from a beginner to an expert when it comes to your instrument of choice. The reason why this is such a great way of learning how to play an instrument is that the guides are incredibly informative and because it is video based, you can watch and hear what the tutor is doing so that you can easily play along with them.


If you want to get a little bit more handy around the house, you can use the internet to learn how to complete a wide range of tasks and projects in your home. Once again you could use YouTube to watch guides that will teach you about what you are looking to do or alternatively you could use a site such as Wikihow which is dedicated to offering a step-by-step guide on how to do just about anything. Whatever the DIY skill is that you are wishing to learn, you can find it on this highly informative website and simply follow the instructions.

If you are anything like me and spend hours unsure of what to do online, why not follow these tips an learn about something new.