Biggest Tech Trends in 2017

The future is here or so it seems. Technology is changing rapidly and it is directly impacting nearly every aspect of our lives. Here are some of our predictions for tech trends in 2017. So as long as our IT support services can keep up, we expect some big changes in tech trends in 2017.

Augmented Reality Is Here (For Real This Time!)
Augmented reality has been a buzzword in tech for years now but we have a feeling augmented reality is going to be one of the biggest tech trends in 2017. Augmented reality is when a device (such as a smartphone or Google Glass) adds digital elements to actual reality. The 2016 smash success game Pokemon Go used augmented reality, as players walked around virtual monsters would jump out from real locations. The possibilities for this technology are seemingly endless but suspect to see integration with social media so when you meet someone in real life you could instantly see stats on their social media presence. So keep your eyes peeled for some big augmented reality news this year.
Tech Trends in 2017Smart Homes
It used to be just smartphones, then came smart TVs; now one of the biggest tech trends in 2017 will be smart appliances. This means smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, smart lightbulbs, even smart toilets! These smart devices are all linked up with your smart phone, meaning that before you get home your oven could start preheating, or you could get a notification that the bathroom is now empty before walking upstairs. Lighting has been a success story form the smart homes tech trend, with smart LED lightbulbs adjusting to your mood, time of day, and saving energy in the process. As out homes get smarter our appliances will even begin communicating with each other.  Imagine your fans turn on and windows open automatically because they know your oven is going, or your fridge puts a notice on your car’s windshield to you to remind you are out of milk. Your fitness apps could also tell juicer at home how many calories you burned, so it knows how much to feed you! A lot of these technologies already exist but we expect to see more integration and developers  taking the software in never before imagined ways.

If you want to be ahead of the trends be sure you are well versed in our top tech trends of 2017. From talking toilets to augmented reality there is no doubt 2017 will be a big year for tech. Whether you are in investor, a start up, or a software developer make sure you are well versed in the latest tech trends in 2017 so you are ahead of the game. Tech changes fast so it is easy to get left behind!