4 Reasons Why Apple iPhones are better than Android Devices

Are iPhones are better than Android? ... photo by CC user downloadsourcefr on Flickr

The battle between Apple and Android devices about which is the better one is a long and hard fought one. Apple phones have a long reputation of providing the best user experience and the different models are known to be loaded with top notch features that make that serves users’ purpose and make their life easy. The Android phones too, especially led by market leaders like Samsung, HTC and Sony have been hitting right back at Apple in terms of providing the customers worldwide a smooth and hassle-free user experience. So the clash for supremacy is well and truly on. Having said that, Apple has an upper hand over Android in more than one way. Here are 5 reasons that would clearly justify Apple’s dominance over Android devices.

  1. Easy to use

They say, ‘Simplicity is the most difficult’ thing and Apple has mastered the art of simplicity and has taken into a whole new level of consumerism. No matter, which iPhone model you are using, the user interface is simple, clean and consistent across all devices. This not only makes it easier for the users to navigate through the different features and apps on the phone but also they are able to master the phone usage in quick time without any confusion. If you take a look at the Apple iPhone prices, you can find phones ranging from 25K to 60K and above but the UI is the same, which Android devices clearly lack.

  1. Sensible screen Size

Over the last few years, Android devices have grown incredibly in terms of offering the users a phone with big screen size. While the large screen size provides better working and video watching experience, it is difficult to carry and handle these phones. Apple, on the other hand, has never been tempted to bring out a phone with the big screen. It has still stuck to its signature screen size that is not just perfect to carry but also is quite sensible in the sense that it provides just the right browsing, gaming and video watching experience one can get from a mobile phone. Indeed, the new models of iPhones like 6S and 6S plus have a big screen they are still practical and portable.

  1. Aesthetically Appealing

It is an undeniable fact that the Apple phones have a mighty impressive design and looks. The full metal body, which is signature of Apple design not only gives the phone a premium look but also is a cynosure to eyes. Not to mention, the thin design and the sleek body is unbeatable; even the most premium Android phones have not even come close to beating Apple on the aesthetics front.

  1. Easy integration with other Apple devices

This is probably the single most important reason why Apple phones are better than Android phones. All the Apple smartphones are designed in a way that they can be easily integrated with other Apple devices be it Mac desktop, laptop, iWatch or any other device that runs on iOS. You can easily access all the Apple features right from your phone including iCloud, iMessages etc.

So, are you thinking about changing your Android phone?