What to Consider Before Choosing a Floor Plan

Although it may sound odd, the floor plan you choose to install into your home has a large impact on your day-to-day life.

If you’re a homeowner in the process of choosing a floor plan, you should first consider your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re an animal-lover, and have several four-legged fur balled friends running amuck around your home. May be you’re a dinner party connoisseur, and love inviting family and friends over to indulge in sophisticated discussion and delicious cuisine. Whatever your lifestyle may be, it’s important to realize that when you’re settling on the right flooring material, to consider what goes on around your home daily.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Floor Plan

Ultimately, you need to find a surface that not only looks beautiful, but also is durable enough to handle your style of living.

Being as though your flooring surface is the largest interior décor element in your home, it lays the ambiance and overall foundation regarding its look and feel. Additionally, a new floor is a sizable investment, so it’s imperative that you carefully analyze your options thru calculating your home décor appeal with overall lifestyle.

You have many things to ponder, and even more choices to consider, so it’s important that you don’t rush into a conclusion without reviewing your budget, evaluating your lifestyle and thinking about your personal interior décor aesthetic appeal.

To assist you in the wake of this complicated decision, here are some suggestions of what think about:

What’s your interior style?

Consider which flooring material best suits your interior preference. Perhaps there is a certain color pattern or texture you’ve always envision installing. Visualize which type of flooring would match well with your home: the lush grain of hardwood, extravagantly gently texture of carpet or the chic display pattern of tile. Also consider the type of furnishing that is already embedded into your home; think about how to affectively compliment other household items.

Consult with flooring experts, such as these remodeling specialists in Phoenix, Arizona; take advantage of the many resources you have available online or in-home décor magazines.

Think about how your family and daily routine…

Whether you have your hands full with children, exercise, care for elderly/disabled loved ones or have so many pets your household that your home resembles a zoo, will all help to shape and outline your flooring decision.

For example, if you have young children in your home, it’s likely that your floor will endure its fair-share of accidents and messes. Between spilling soft drinks, stepping on crayons and banging toys—laminate flooring material might just be your safest and most durable option.

For dogs and cats, their claws indent wear and tear into the surface; tile and wood/laminate material might be the correct route to pursue where carpet might attract moisture from pet accidents, shedding and dander.

Consider the amount of maintenance you’re willing to put in…

Most, if not all, flooring material requires the same of amount of cleaning, time and maintenance. With that being said, it’s important that you think about your day-to-day schedule and the amount of money you’re willing to routinely spend on cleaning supplies to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Hardwood flooring (although more expensive to install) is usually easier to clean, being as though all you really need is a broomstick and/or vacuum to avoid dirt build-up.

In terms of areas where moisture and stagnate water are more commonly found (bathroom, laundry room, etc.), vinyl and/or tile flooring will help to keep these areas require less maintenance, as water won’t dissolve into the flooring like with wood or carpet.

Put in the hours in order to make the right decision…

Once again, installing a floor plan is an expensive endeavor, so it’s monumental that you methodically review each material and visualize the best alternative.

Looking at pictures and consulting with a professional can only give you so much perspective. Physically seeing and touching each material will give you a broader understanding of its aesthetic appeal and durability.

Visit décor showrooms, ask friends and/or family members if you can visit their homes, take samples home if possible (which you don’t always have to return) and evaluate its appeal and function. Bombard yourself with as much information as feasibly possible to make the best-rounded decision.