Tips for this Year’s Perfect Backyard BBQ

When BBQ season comes around you want to make sure you are ready. From patio furniture to cooking, here are some tips for the perfect backyard BBQ that will make sure your guests leave with a good taste in their mouth.

Patio Furniture
We all spend time and money to make sure our homes are comfortable and stylish on the inside but sadly we often neglect out outdoor spaces. For a perfect backyard BBQ you need to have a the right furniture. Here are some outdoor furniture ideas  to make sure the outside of your house is as comfortable as the inside. You need make sure you have adequate seating outside, what is the point of having a backyard BBQ if you can’t eat outside and enjoy it. A picnic table can be a good way to keep that BBQ feel while allowing everyone enough room to eat. You also need a place to set food and ingredients for cooking, a small weather-treated table near the grill can serve this purpose. You can also pick up a retro outdoor ice-bucket to make sure your beverages stay ice cold and are easily accessible. Also, don’t forget the grill; while technically this is more of an appliance no backyard BBQ can be complete without a grill, the options are endless from old school wood burners, classic charcoal, to state of the art high-tech propane pellet loaded smokers. Be sure you pick the BBQ and furniture to accommodate the number of guests you want.


Backyard BBQWhat to Cook?
We live in the age of foodies, so it is no longer okay to just to toss some hotdogs on the grill. Today your guests will be expected something more, so you will have to up your cooking game. Pretty much any style of food can be cooked on an outdoor grill so pick something that will be a party pleaser. Also, consider the dietary needs of you guests, if you are hosting vegetarians, go beyond the veggie burger and do some nice fresh and delicious vegetables on the grill that will make everybody happy. If you have a fancy smoker do a proper slow cooked BBQ beef brisket or the classic crowd pleaser, baby-back ribs. The internet has thousands of how-to guides and recipes so even those not confident in the kitchen can make some seriously tasty BBQ. Also, don’t neglect your side dishes, things like pasta salad, potato salad, and coleslaw can be made a day ahead of time. This can be a major time saver and allow to focus on the guests and the grill and just grab your sides from the fridge when it’s dinner time. You will need to pick the right beverages too, home-made lemonade is a classic favorite but what’s a BBQ without beer? Pick up some craft beers that pair well with what you are cooking, a nice hoppy IPA can be a perfect choice to pair with the smoky bold flavors of a BBQ

So if you want to throw the perfect backyard BBQ, be sure and plan a impressive menu and have the right furniture to enjoy it on.