Guidelines in Installing Software in Your New Computer

ComputerBuying a new computer means working on a blank and clean slate. You sure wish to download and install software that you can think of. Everything is fun and easy since you have large memory available to accommodate your new installation. However, you might want to take it easy before you infect your computer with a virus or waste your time and effort downloading and installing unreliable software. In this article, we will discuss some guidelines to assist you in installing software in your new computer.

  1. Check computer software compatibility and system requirements – it is important that you check if the software is compatible to be installed in your computer. Thus, you should always check your Operating System, version of your browser and other technical aspects. This way, you will not waste your time in downloading or buying software that is not capable with your machine.
  1. Go for the paid version – yes, some software can be a bit expensive most especially if you think about the crack or free versions in the Internet but paid version gives you 100% assurance that it is working as it should be. There are many crack or free versions in the internet but once you finished downloading, you will realise that it’s not working properly. You just wasted your time downloading it. So instead of taking your chances in downloading free versions, why don’t you go for the paid, but sure version.
  1. Make use of the 30-day free trial –most of the paid software offers 30-day free trial so if you are not sure about it then go for the trial version first. During the trial period, you can decide whether you need the software or not. If not, then you can stop your subscription but if you find it useful, then you can continue for the following months.
  1. Purchase from reliable brand – there are software that you really need to install because it’s the main purpose of having your computer. For example, you are a writer and you use your laptop to write your articles, manuscript or others, then you need a reliable software like Microsoft Office. Or if you’re an artist then you need software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and others. In this cases, you should make sure to purchase your software from reliable brand and seller. Finding the best deals for Microsoft Office 365 at Harvey Norman will never disappoint you. It’s best that you find a reliable supplier to get your software.
  1. Install a reliable anti-virus software-lastly and most importantly, you should make sure to install a reliable anti-virus in your computer. This protects your computer especially if you’re downloading stuff in the Internet. Some reliable anti-virus includes Webroot, McAfee, and Avast. So before you start downloading or installing anything, you should secure first an antivirus software.

It is very important to be careful when it comes to downloading and installing software on your computer to ensure that your machine will work well for a long time. It is not cheap to buy a new computer and it’s not easy to change your machine every so often. So make sure to take care of it not only it’s physical form but also by being responsible in downloading or installing software.