Features of a Safe Glass Pool Fence

Glass Railing 2

Pools are beautiful, they can be refreshing, they certainly bestow you with bragging rights among friends, however, swimming pools are deemed unsafe. The factor of risk increases exponentially if you have little children in your home. Experts recommend glass pool fences to mitigate the risks, but why?

There are many reasons to be skeptical about installing a swimming pool in your home. It might be due to the stats World Health Organization provides which shows that drowning is the 3rd leading reason for injury-related deaths worldwide. It might even be because 50% of all swimming injuries occur in swimming pools located at home.

The cause of the problem is not particularly germane right now, the real issue at hand is to figure out how you can install a swimming pool in your house without making it a potential death-trap to your kids. Right? If you type the query on a reputable search engine, the answer to follow cannot exceed the first page. “Glass pool fencing”.

What are the features of glass pool fences which make it ideal for protecting your swimming pool?

Self-Closing and Self-Latching Glass Pool Gates

Glass Railing 3

The government went a step further in ensuring the safety of your wards by mandating pool gates to have self-closing and self-latching abilities. This means that even if the door was left open accidentally, your kid or pet is not going to “accidentally” drown.

Self-closing glass pool gates are such that, the door automatically shuts after the last person who entered through the door. While the latch ensures that the door cannot be opened unconsciously or by a minor.

Pool Fence with Climb Resistant Panels

Parents are very excited at the prospect of having an athletic child. It is even more beautiful to have a smart child who isn’t deterred by obstacles, rather, who seeks alternative solutions to problems. As you would expect, some certain kids will try to climb or jump over the gate when they are bored.

A glass pool, though, which is climb resistant will prove impossible to surmount. Glass pool fences, ideally, have a generally accepted dimension which they must meet and this makes it impossible for children or pets to scale. Also, the glass fence is installed in proximity to the ground. Almost buried, in some cases. This precludes the option of wriggling through the lower layer.

Toughened Transparent Glass Fence

You’re not being paranoid when you say “Oh dear! What if the glass breaks and it shatters my child’s leg”. Firstly, a glass pool fence is made of tempered glass. By tempered, it means that the glass has gone through certain treatments which increase the toughness. This makes it almost impossible to break. You can also rest, knowing that extreme weather conditions do not affect the glass either.

The transparency of this glass also ensures that you can supervise your kid without necessarily being around the swimming pool. This puts your mind at rest, knowing that your beloved child is just a view away.

Now that fear is out of the picture, you can install that exquisite pool you always wanted. It also helps to note that a glass pool gate is an excellent addition to your home. It increases the aesthetics and also the value, leaving you with an enormous Return on Investment.