Time For A Phone Plan That Saves Your Family Money

Phones don’t come cheap and no one knows that better than the person responsible for the family budget. The big phone companies charge way too much money for home phones and cell service. In fact, the average Canadian family spent an astonishing $185 a month on telecommunication service, including wireless and home phone service. That’s more than a lot of families can afford, but now that every family uses multiple cellphones, bills are getting bigger and bigger every year. Kids are even getting cellphones younger and younger; today, the age of ten is when most parents decide to get their child a cellphone so that they can easily get a hold of them and know where they are. Add long distance calling if you’ve got family overseas or your partner travels regularly, and you’re looking at an expensive bill.

Family Money

So how can you cut down your family phone bill when it seems like it’s only going to get bigger? You can save on your home phone and on long distance calling with low cost service providers. Companies like G3 Telecom now offer families reasonably priced alternatives to the big carriers with home phone plans and long distance calling options. You can save hundreds of dollars every year by cutting down your phone family phone bills, and that’s money you can put into a savings account, toward a vacation, or toward a new home. Every penny counts and any way you can save on day-to-day expenses like your phone is a step in the right direction.

Every family has different service needs, so you’re going to want to look at your home phone plan options closely. If you’re just making local calls, you could be paying under $10 a month for a home phone, or under $15 for unlimited North America calling. These are the rates offered by G3 Telecom, in addition to their long distance calling plans, which they offer in both prepaid and monthly plans.

If you have family overseas, depending on how often you call them, you can find the right way to stay in touch. Some families only call on the holidays, and if that’s you, prepaid plans make the most sense. They let you fill up your account with minutes as you need them – a company that offers all of their rates to different countries online or on a mobile app mean you always know how much it’s going to cost you. If you’re using prepaid minutes, make sure you find a company that doesn’t charge maintenance fees that eat away at your minutes when you carry a balance.

If long distance calling is a daily or weekly occurrence in your household, a monthly plan is probably the most cost-effective way to stay in touch. With plans available for less than $20/month out there, you can keep calling long distance and start saving. Trimming your phone bills is a great place to start cutting household expenses.