8 Questions To Ask A Plastic Surgeon Before Proceeding With Anything



Preparation is key when it comes to having cosmetic surgery in Perth. This preparation allows patients to feel completely at ease with the procedure they are about to undertake. Choose a surgeon who is willing to answer as many questions as possible about the surgery. People should switch surgeons if they feel that their surgeon is being evasive or telling lies about what will happen during or after the surgery takes place.

Some people may feel intimidated about asking a surgeon about the procedure, but it is the patient’s right to have as much knowledge as possible before plastic surgery takes place.

Here are eight important questions to ask before proceeding with surgery.

Is The Surgeon Qualified?

This should be the first question that anyone should ask a plastic surgeon. These surgeons are regulated by the Australian Society Of Plastic Surgeons. It is illegal for anyone to operate in this field without a license.  A qualified surgeon will be able to display their license to practice. The ASPS can also be contacted in order to cross-reference the surgeon’s details.

Once the surgeon has been verified, the patient should feel confident about proceeding with surgery. Visit drprandle.com.au for a qualified surgeon.

What Could Prevent The Patient From Receiving Surgery?

Certain factors may prevent people from receiving surgery, such as obesity or old age.

What Does The Surgery Involve?

Plastic surgery ranges from simple procedures like the removal of crow’s feet to complex facial reconstruction. It is important that the patient has as much information as possible about what the surgery will involve. This should include details about what equipment will be used, how long the procedure will take, and how the surgery will alter the patient’s appearance.

What Types Of Medicine And Anaesthetic Are Used?

Some people may have an adverse reaction to the medicine and anaesthetic that is used during surgery. Patients should check whether they could potentially suffer side effects due to the drugs that will be administered.

What Side Effects Can Occur After Surgery?

Plastic surgery comes with some potential side effects such as numbness, headaches or scarring. A quality surgeon will be able to tell a patient about all complications which could occur as a result of surgery. This openness will help to build trust between both people.

What Should Be Avoided After The Surgery Takes Place?

Certain types of surgery will require patients to avoid certain behaviour in order to maintain the success of the procedure. For example, people who have their crow’s feet removed are advised to avoid sunbeds because this could cause the unsightly lines to re-appear.

How Long Is The Recovery Process?

Different types of surgery will have different recovery times. Total facial reconstruction may cause swelling which takes weeks to go down, whereas any swelling from Botox injections will disappear after a few days.

What Checkups Are Involved In Aftercare?

Aftercare will involve check ups by the surgeon to make sure that the patient is in good health. The patient should be made aware of how many check-ups are needed and what they will involve.

Use this guide to ask effective questions to surgeons.