3 Major Signs Your Aging Parents Need Additional Help

Your mom hasn’t been able to make her way around her home like she used to. More than once, you’ve had to rush over to help her get in the bathtub or cook her dinner. You don’t mind, but it’s hard to help your mom and take care of your own life at the same time.

It might be time for you to get her a little extra assistance. Getting help for your aging parents isn’t an easy decision to make. It costs money and your parents might be afraid of losing their freedom.

Still, sometimes it can’t be helped. Check out this guide to learn when it’s time to get additional help for your parents.

1. They Can’t Perform Basic Functions

Your parents have been having trouble getting in and out of the bath, even with the assistance bar that’s installed on the inside. The same goes for getting off the toilet.

You either have to go pick up groceries for them or take them to the store at least once a week. They can’t drive the same as they used to.

They also can’t stand up long enough to cook meals that aren’t microwavable. While you can help them with some of these activities, findcontinuingcare.com can help you find someone who’s equipped to assist your parents with all of these tasks and more.

2. You’ve Noticed Changes in Their Appearance

Your parents have been rapidly losing weight. Again, it’s hard for them to stand up and cook. The last time you saw them, their appearance was a little more unkempt than usual.

They’re not able to keep up with regular grooming. There’s a lot you will do when it comes to taking care of aging parents, but it’s hard for you to pull them in and out of the tub.

Your parents were also covered in bruises when you last visited. When you ask them about it, they wave it off as nothing, but you know there’s something up. You’re afraid that they may have suffered from a fall.

3. Their Mental Health Has Gone Downhill

Your parents don’t have the motivation to do things. You know for a fact that they’re not engaging with their favorite hobbies anymore.

They haven’t been answering your phone calls because they’ve been spending most of the day asleep. They’re also agitated much more easily now. There’s more to caring for aging parents than helping them do stuff.

They need constant social attention that you can’t deliver. Staff members at an assisted living home can give them what they need, though.

Your Aging Parents Might Need Some Extra Help

Making the decision to get extra help for your aging parents isn’t easy. It costs money and you’re not even sure if they will be happy with it.

Sometimes it can’t be helped, though. The staff at an assisted living home are better equipped to handle your parent’s every need than you are. Get the people you love the most the help that they need.

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