Is It Time to Trim Away the Fat?

Nothing else working? Trim Away the Fat! ... photo by CC user Paravis on wikimedia commons

Did you ever stop for a moment and wonder just how many Americans deal with weight issues, specifically having too much of it?

Unfortunately, millions of people nationwide fight their weight problems on a daily basis. In the end, some find relief, many others continue the struggle.

While there are myriad of ways by which individuals can drop some or even a ton of weight, it is important that any weight-loss efforts be done properly. If they’re not, they can endanger one’s health.

With that in mind, are you one of the countless people looking to trim away the fat?

Liposuction Might Be Your Answer

Given the different means by which to lose weight, one such option is a liposuction procedure.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) stated that more than 211,000 individuals had liposuction in 2014.

With liposuction, a doctor uses suction to trim away fat from the patient’s body, ultimately putting them on a path whereby they can get their weight down and keep it lower through proper dieting and exercise (see more below).

During and after liposuction, the patient should focus in on:

  • Following sedation, small tubes are put in the body via tiny incisions. The tubes then are used to extract fat from the individual. Liposuction can be used to remove excess fat in a number of areas on the body, but it is typically concentrated on the arms, legs, stomach, butt etc. While there is always a risk with any surgical procedure, most people do not suffer any notable side effects. That said all patients should ask their doctors before deciding to have the procedure about what possibly can go wrong;
  • The expected recovery time from liposuction surgery varies patient by patient, but the normal post-surgery recovery scenario will have a patient back to work or other regular activities within a week or two. Again, everyone is different, so taking a little less than a week or two or a little more to feel somewhat normal is not unusual by any means;
  • If you think having liposuction alone will cure you of excess fat, think again. While liposuction is a highly-chosen and oftentimes successful means of trimming the fat away, following that up with a healthy diet and regular exercise (see more below) is crucial. When it comes to food and beverage intake, stay away from highly saturated foods and those high in sugar. Foods high in saturated content typically will contribute to regaining weight, along with causing or continuing to make for unhealthy hearts and other problems. It is also recommended that people having liposuction shun foods high in sugar, notably because they oftentimes lead to unwanted pounds coming back on in the post-liposuction recovery process. Patients are also advised to steer clear of alcohol in the first 24 hours after the surgery and perhaps longer than that. This is so as not to have a conflict with pain medications one will be taking to help in the healing process ;
  • While exercise should always be high on the priority list, it is especially important once one is suitably recovered from liposuction surgery. Just as exercise is a great relief plan from stress at home or in the workplace, it is also a necessary evil (at least to some people who view it as such) in helping keep the excess pounds off post-surgery. If you hadn’t been a big fan of exercise before liposuction, adopt it as part of your regular routine once recovered. You don’t have to run out and spend tons of money on a gym membership and workout clothing in order to get the benefits of exercise. Just keep in mind that not only will a regular exercise routine assist in keeping excess weight from coming back, it will also help you in shoring up other areas of your body, notably your heart and mind.


While any and all health concerns and medical facts should go into making the decision on whether or not liposuction is right for you, there are of course the costs involved.

On average, the ASPS notes that liposuction will cost an individual in the area of $3,000, though that figure can of course vary depending on what all is included.

When and if you decide liposuction is the answer for you to combat excess weight, plan on a remaining lifetime of being dedicated to trimming away the fat.