Plan your trip right: which is the best time to visit Guatemala?

The best time to visit Guatemala might hinge around the best time for photography ... photo by CC user chensiyuan via wikimedia

The best time to visit Guatemala can never be summed up in one plain reason. Tourists consider their budgets, the weather of the place, the events, and the peak tourist season as the factors in deciding the fundamentally on when to explore Guatemala the finest.

Guatemala has two seasons: the wet season which runs from May to October and the dry season which runs every November to April. The best time to visit Guatemala is during dry season as they can fully enjoy full sightseeing and doing outdoor activities such as hiking, walking and the like, without the hassle of heavy downpours and slippery trails which may cause accidents.

Guatemala’s highlands have warm days but nights are cooler and are more exciting and delightful to experience. The lowlands are hot all year long. December and January are the coolest months in the highlands. The breeze is cold, the skies are blue and the days are sunny. These are considered by some as the best times to visit Guatemala.

The best time to visit Guatemala should be known as to enjoy the attractions in the land. Ruins of the great Mayan empire rank as the visited spot in Guatemala. They are reminiscent of a time when the Mayan civilization flourished in the area. The Mayan people thrived in Guatemala until 900 AD when their society collapsed. At which time they abandoned their homes, leaving only ruins behind.

Tikal is currently the largest Maya ruins unearthed although scientists believe that El Mirador could be bigger. Until excavations are completed, Tikal will continue to hold such title. The ruins are the site of one of the largest and most important Mayan cities during the Classic era. Despite its remote location in Petén, Tikal attracts tourists by busloads.

It is often said that Tikal is the most beautiful Mayan site in Central America because its buildings are scattered and surrounded by a jungle. Many of these buildings have been restored but others are still hidden by the canopy.

El Mirador is an interesting site for Mayan ruins. Like Tikal, you may also find it in Petén. The ruins are not easily accessible but are still among the top tourist attractions in Guatemala. It dates back to the Pre-Classic period of the Mayan civilization, particularly from 200 BCE to 150 CE. Due to ongoing excavations, most buildings in El Mirador haven’t been restored yet while pyramids remain covered by the jungle.

Aguateca is your best bet for well-preserved Maya ruins. The temples and stellae which stand there are neither large nor striking. It is worth noting that they have intact structural integrity. Moreover, Aguateca is easy to reach compared to Tikal and El Mirador.

Iximché is another accessible site for Mayan ruins especially when coming from Antigua or Guatemala City. However, it lacks the impressive structural quality of Aguateca. Even so it is still visited due to its convenient location.