Best Time To Visit Denmark

The best time to visit Denmark depends upon what you want your trip to be like ... photo by CC user Srvora via wikimedia

Knowing the best time to visit Denmark would really prove to be a great help for those interested in coming to this Scandinavian country. Viking nations often fit the common stereotype that movies, animations and books portray to the world.

A huge portion of common people believes that Scandinavian countries have a very hostile cold weather. Though such a hasty generalization is not far from the truth, it only depicts one season that serves the interest of providing a hostile backdrop for Viking battle scenes.

There are actually seasons in Denmark that are very pleasant for spending one’s vacation. Apart from the seasons, one should not forget taking note of Denmark’s popular holidays. They make one’s vacation in this country truly worth remembering.

1. Month of June

The month of June is considered the best time to visit Denmark because it is the most ideal month of the summer season. This month is considered the peak tourist season because of the sheer population of tourists visiting the country.

One of the advantages of this warm month is that there are many available outdoor activities to be had in the country. But downside to picking this month is that some places (especially the main cities) are too overcrowded and prices are very competitive. It is nearly impossible to book for an affordable nice hotel.

2. October to December

An alternative best time to visit Denmark are the months beginning from October until much of December. These months belong in the autumn season, but knowing that Denmark is a Scandinavian country it is relatively colder than other places with four seasons.

These times are very quiet and almost devoid of any outdoor activity. But because of the lack of tourists, markets are dropping their prices to encourage foreign buyers. It is very easy to book for accommodations during these low months.

3. Christmas

Denmark is one of the very first Christianized countries in Western Europe. Although Europeans are generally embracing secularization, Christian holidays such as Christmas are still very significant among Danish societies.

It is one of the best holidays to celebrate when visitors choose the low months of October to December, making its way for winter season.

4. New Year’s Eve

The New Year’s Eve remains to be the most festive celebration during the low tourist season, but the locals couldn’t notice the tourism industry’s dreariness because it is unanimously commemorated.

Like in all places around the world, people brace themselves for a countdown until 12:00 am and rejoice in their own preferred way. Some people plant a kiss to their partners’ lips, raise a toast to rowdy carousing buddies, or watch the Queen’s televised speech.

5. International Worker’s Day

There is nothing spectacular about the International Worker’s Day, but the way this holiday is celebrated in Denmark is really something else. Foreign visitors enjoy the month of May because it is the only mild-weathered low tourist season. It’s fun to watch or join blue collared workers in a drinking fest.