Blake Rubin: A Real Estate Professional on the Rise

When it comes to real estate professionals in the Philadelphia area, there is none that has generated buzz quite like Blake Rubin.

Learning the trade from his famous father Adrian Rubin, he has dived into the Philadelphia market head first, achieving results that have surprised even the most cynical of observers.


In this post, we will profile how he has gotten to this point in his life, his interests, what he stands for, and where he’s going in the years to come.

Blake’s early years

While real estate is Blake’s primary occupation these days, his youth was filled with basketball and visual arts instruction.

Attending an after school program that satisfied his desire for sports and the arts until he graduated high school, Blake was already a well-rounded person before heading off for his freshman year of college.

After working hard for four years at school, he earned a double Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Art History, along with a minor in Urban Planning. With such a rich educational background, he was well prepared for the career that laid before him.

Paying his dues 

Before jumping into real estate, Blake served his community by performing internships for community organizations.

These gigs focused intently on helping the city of Philadelphia to become a more sustainable place, as well as aiding those of a lower socioeconomic stature.

These helped to ground him as he pushed forward into the early days of his career in real estate.

His thoughts on Philadelphia

Having been raised here his whole life, Blake Rubin has a perspective on the city of Philadelphia that many others on the Eastern Seaboard simply don’t have. He views his home as a city that is underrated, as many outsiders have been intimidated by its gritty image.

In reality, it is his desire that his fellow Americans see Philadelphia as a first-rate city alongside regional giants such as Boston, New York City, and Washington DC.

While it may not be as wealthy as these centers, Blake sees this as a good thing, as it has created a community where lower and middle class families can still thrive and acquire property at prices that are sustainable for them.

In his mind, it is the community spirit and its people that makes Philadelphia so great, not the number of million-dollar properties within its borders.

A life that has primed him for success 

There are many experiences that Blake has had in his life that have prepared him for a successful career in real estate. Back in his art and basketball days, he learned discipline and patience.

Applying this to his nascent business, he consistently got amazing results for the clients that he has represented in the Philadelphia real estate market. By settling for nothing less than the best, he has become one of this market’s most sought-after agents.

What’s more, he seeks to form an NGO in the years ahead, as he wishes to roll his already amazing success to help those in the community that need it the most.