Children with Learning Disabilities Better Off in General with Homeschool?

Children with Learning Disabilities? Maybe homeschooling is the answer ... photo by CC user iowapolitics on Flickr

Are children with learning disabilities better off being homeschooled than being subjected to the public school system? Let’s take a look at each.

The public school system is a system that values conformity and doesn’t treat those that are different well. Students that are different, such as those with learning disabilities, are immediately put at a disadvantage because the system wants everyone to be identical. The culture of school can be toxic to those that see things differently or learn differently. Many times those with learning disabilities are put in special education classes, where their difference is highlighted in a negative way.

While you cannot shield your child from reality completely, it doesn’t hurt to look critically at the public school system and seek to develop a method of learning that is more natural and healthy for a child that is different.

Is Homeschooling the Answer?

In a homeschooling environment, your child with a learning disability can be encouraged to develop mastery over his studies and be proud of being different. A key to developing a love of learning is having self-confidence, which can easily be trampled in the public school system. In a homeschooling environment, your child could potentially develop a high confidence in his abilities and in himself.

Making the Choice to Homeschool

While you may want to shelter your child from the negativity in the world, inevitably they will have to face it and be brave. But if the public school system is having too negative of an effect on your child, consider teaching them at home if this is feasible. It could potentially create a safe haven for your child that could help foster confidence in their abilities and help them nurture their critical thinking skills and innate independence.

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