The funnest games to play on your phone

Mobile gaming has advanced to the point where it’s even possible to play arcade-style games like Mortal Kombat or Ridge Racer on your smartphone. Most phones are able to handles extremely high-definition graphics, but such games are often all too complex to enjoy properly on a smartphone. So it’s good to know there are plenty of simple and extremely FUN games to download. Here’s a few of our favorites.



This is a puzzle game based on science. It’s simple and fun, with your task being to create valuable metals such as silver, gold and platinum by combining a variety of atoms. If that sounds mind-boggling, don’t worry for its incredibly simple and fun. Just combine the atoms that bear the same numbers, all the while creating symmetric patterns that allow you to combine multiple numbers of atoms at once.

Atomas is somewhat similar to the popular old game called Threes, and what makes it addictive is there’s no timer or pressure on the player. The main motivation is to beat your high score, and believe me you’ll want to do so again and again. As soon as you finish the game you’ll be raring to go and try to do better!


An old classic that never loses its sheen is online bingo. There are numerous sites where you can play online, and many of these have apps you can download and try for mobile bingo. Simply fill out your card with numbers at random, or choose a card that’s randomly filled out for you, then cross off the numbers as the caller calls them out. If you manage to get a full line through the middle, BINGO! You’re the winner.

Playing bingo online also means you can win cash prizes and make some money, or for those who just want to play for fun there are many free online bingo games too.

Freaking Math

Some games are difficult, some are simple. But Freaking Math is one of those games that’s both incredibly difficult and simple to play at the same time. The way the game works is extremely simple enough. The game presents you with a math equation, and you have two seconds to decide if it’s correct or not. That’s all there is too it, but the equations become increasingly difficult as you progress, enough to challenge even the most hardcore maths geniuses.

It’s that two second timer that makes the game so much fun, because you’ll find yourself so rushed that you’ll make simple mistakes like saying 1+1=3 is correct! Then you’ll scream and curse and want to play over again!


The game of Timberman sees you play as a burly lumberjack who stands at the bottom of a massively tall tree. Your goal is to chop down as much of the tree as possible while avoiding branches and keeping your energy bar filled. Simply tap the left or right side of the tree to chop. That’s all there is to it.

Sounds simple, but Timberman is incredibly fun because the action is so fast paced. There’s literally no time at all to contemplate your next chop, you’ve just gotta go as fast as you can without losing control. Beware of finger fatigue with this one!