Could You be Doing More to Save The Planet

For many years the ideas of climate change, the greenhouse effect and global warming were dismissed as conspiracy theories put forward by crazy scientists. Thankfully the World has now woken up to the problems facing our planet and governments and individuals all over the World are working hard in their efforts to reduce the damage we are doing and to fix the damage that has been done. Despite our best efforts, there is still much more work to do and you can help too.

You may think that this is a job for the professionals, the governments and the charities but that is not the case, your contribution is needed and it is time to ask yourself: “Am I doing my bit to help save the planet?” If the answer is no then here are some simple ways in which you can help.


Make Smarter Food Choices

People like Joshua Manocherian are leading the way in inspiring us to eat organic food that goes straight for farm to fork. His restaurants push this idea heavily and it is a great way of helping the planet. Not only do organic foods not use dangerous pesticides that damage land and animals but they also travel less miles thus reducing the amount of fuel used in their transport.


Recycling has been a key part of our strategy to reduce the damage we do to the O-zone layer for sometime and we can now recycle a huge amount of our waste. You can do your bit by ensuring that you are composting natural foods and recycling things like metal, glass, plastic and paper. In the western world almost all local governments have recycling plans in place, this could be different colored bins outside your door or centers for recycling and if you want to help then you should make sure that you are taking advantage of these options that are available to you.

Electric Usage

The national grid relies on the burning of fossil fuels in order to create electricity and whilst many more sustainable options are being explored, we haven’t found am energy source that can yet mach the demand of the public. You can help on this side of things by reducing the amount of energy that you are using in the home. Think about replacing old light bulbs with energy efficient ones, switch off gadgets, lights and appliances when they are not in use. These may seem like small steps but if everyone did the same then we could significantly lower the amount of electricity we use.


Opening up your wallet is a great way of helping to save the planet, there are countless charities who are doing great work in the fight against deforestation, putting pressure on governments and industries to reduce their carbon footprint and promoting greener living. These charities rely on donations from around the World in order to help them in continuing their efforts and with a small monthly donation you can give them even more support and help them to continue their great work.