Great Hacks For The College Student

Student life isn’t always easy, there you are, living out on your own, limited finances, parties to attend, a social life to be had and all while you are trying to get yourself an education. It is for these reasons why people like Steven Rindner and ourselves need to put together lists like these of hacks for your survival during your college years. If you are a student and you are looking at ways in which you can make your life that little bit easier then here are some great hacks for you in order to survive, follow them and live better.


Alarm Booster

Sleeping in is something that goes with the territory for students but the consequences of missing or being late for a class are not good. You can avoid this by placing your phone inside a glass (providing you have a clean one,) when your alarm goes off the glass will amplify the sound and ensure that you are jolted out of bed and ready for your day ahead, well, it will get you out of bed at least.

Schedule Reminder

Organization isn’t always the student’s best attribute and you can avoid missing classes or being confused by taking a photograph of your timetable and place it on your lock screen and wallpaper on your smartphone.

Mug Scrambled Eggs

A mug is more than just for your morning cup of Joe and you can use a mug to make some beautiful scrambled eggs without all of the dishes to wash afterwards. Simply put some oil or butter in your mug, crack a couple of eggs, add a splash of milk and pop it into the microwave, once cooked you can eat it straight from the mug.

Photo of the Fridge

It is likely that when you first start college that your parents will stock the fridge up for you with the essentials. To avoid ever having to write a shopping list again simply take a photograph of the fridge and carry it with you on your phone whenever you go shopping in order to never forget the milk or eggs again.

Change Jar

Putting a change jar in your room is a greta idea, you now how it is, you come into some money and all of a sudden those coins seem pretty insignificant, fast forward a week or two however when you are once again hard up and you will be able to tap into your change jar so that you can grab yourself a 6-pack for the weekend.

Double Up Hangers

Space is usually at a  premium in your college dorm and a handy hack to create more space in the closet is to double up on hangers. Simply place the ring pull of a beer can over the first hanger and it will give you the chance to hang a second one off the ring pull. This way you can hang all of your clothes up in limited space without any effort whatsoever.