What to Do When Your Child is Talented


Every child is unique and talented in his or her way. They may be funny, cute or even quirky and these traits might present themselves in a unique way that draws attention and is entertaining. When personal expression, qualities, and personality traits as such can be turned into a career, we have to look at them carefully and take them seriously.

If kids exhibit this type of particular artistic behavior, they do not realize that they are unique, to them, it is only them being themselves. Some posses the rhythm and can dance well while never having received lessons, others can sing well as some professional singers, while others can reenact nearly anything they look at. If your child exhibits one of these or another exceptional artistic quality, as a parent, you must recognize it and institute a plan to support and nurture.

Confirm Your Child has Talent

The most important thing to do is to find out if your child has special talent. Of course, every parent wants to think that their child does have a unique artistic skill but unfortunately, more often than not, it is not the case. So the first thing to do is to get an objective opinion on what you think you are observing.

These days you can record a video of your child and provide it to many places online where professionals evaluate your child’s talents. You should do this anonymously to protect your child.

You can also ask informed friends who will be honest but gentle. What you should never do is enter your child in a talent contest as a first step. Things could go wrong in this situation, and it could negatively impact your child.

If you find out your child is not artistically unique, the thing to remember is that this is not the end of the world. Do not get depressed or angry with your child. However, if you do find out that your child has talent, the next step is training.

Get the Proper Training

Every single artistically gifted person needs training, no matter how talented they are. The best singers have gone through years of training to hone and perfect their voices. The best painters all had years of classes by excellent teachers who helped them to bring out and develop their gifts.

Training teaches discipline, focus and fine-tuning of natural talent and it has no substitute. But remember training should also be fun and something your child wants to do consistently. Many parents push talented kids toward lessons and find that the kid looks at it as a job and loses interest in it. So make sure you check with your child regarding his or her needs and desires.

Training should entail hiring quality instructors to work with your child. You might decide upon private instructors who come to your home or provide instruction at a studio. If this works well and your child is progressing, your child should continue with personal instructions until he or she reaches high school age and at that point, you should consider a more immersive environment for the development of their talent.

Performing Arts High Schools

The best type of environment for full immersion is a high school that focuses on performing arts. Performing arts high schools teach every aspect of a performance art as well as a complete school curriculum.

There are public performing arts high schools, many of which have great reputations. But getting into these schools is very challenging because of lots of competition and few slots, and admissions determined through a random number lottery system.

Then there are the private performing arts high schools many of which offer excellent programs. At the top of the list of private schools are the performing arts high schools that offer day and boarding programs. These institutions give students a near 24 hours /7days a week opportunity to surround themselves with likeminded students. At these schools, the students can count on learning and also have lots of fun. Every aspect of their art is perfected from performance to proficiency and parents can also expect a college prep education on the academic side as well.

When you have a talented child that has the ability and desire to share their talents and beauty to the world, you need to not only do everything you can do to assist; we need to be careful and make sure to do the right things. Follow this guideline to take their talents and passion to the next level.