Fun European Cities for A Stag Do

It might not be that easy organizing a great stag weekend for you and your mates, least of all because there are so many great destinations to choose from. Thanks to low-cost airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet, it’s possible to fly numerous European destinations cheaply and quickly.


But if you really can’t make up your mind, fear not. We’ve taken the time out to narrow down your choices to one of five great destinations, which we consider to be the best locations for having a stag do in all of Europe.

1. Amsterdam

And why not? Famous for its tolerance towards just about every kind of vice there is, be it drugs, prostitutes and alcohol (or all three!), Amsterdam provides a fantastically entertaining playground for a night on the town. Amsterdam is home to hundreds of cool pubs, its infamous red light district, and of course its coffee shops. It’s also the home to not one, but two fantastic beers – Amstel and Heineken.

Add to that the stunning architecture and the fascinating museums, and it’s pretty clear that Amsterdam has all the ingredients for a momentous weekend you won’t forget in a hurry!

2. Prague

Of course, if Amsterdam doesn’t tickle your fancy you could always go to Prague for a stag do instead. Prague, the Czech capital, ticks just about every box one could wish for, what with some of Europe’s finest beers and its reputation for being “stag friendly”. Oh, and it’s cheap, too.

This medieval city offers dozens of great daytime activities and its stunning architecture makes for some great photo opportunities too. Add to that the legion of strip clubs and the local beauties strutting their stuff inside them, and we think you’ll agree that a stag weekend in Prague has all the ingredients for a night to remember.

3. Newcastle

The UK’s number one stag weekend destination has earned its title on merit. There’s a saying in England that the further north you go the less the girls wear, and one look around Tyneside in the evening confirms it! Friday and Saturday nights around the Quayside are choc-a-block with locals partying, with girls wearing next to nothing even on the coldest winter nights.

Could it be this is the reason why Newcastle is so popular as a stag destination? Perhaps, but we like to note the Geordies are generally a friendly bunch too, and it’s more than likely you’ll see a few other groups of guys and gals enjoying their own stag and hen nights too, playing pranks on their soon-to-be-wedded friends. There’s also dozens of great day time activities too, including paintball, go-karts and even a dog track if you fancy your luck.

4. Budapest

The Hungarian capital is another European destination that offers great value for money. But there’s more to Budapest than just beers that cost under a dollar. It’s nightlife is as good as any European city, and it even has thermal springs that are sometimes used as disco venues!

Add to that the friendly nature of the locals, and day time activities like mud wrestling and shooting, and it’s easy to see why Hungary’s capital should be on your list.

5. Riga

Last but not least, Riga’s trump card is undoubtedly its prices. A bottle of beer here is less than the cost of a can of Coke in the U.K. or the States, and the locals say it’s rude not to join in! The heart of Riga’s nightlife action can be found in the Old Town, which is regularly cites as one of the best party scenes in all of Europe.

Great pubs, fancy nightclubs and delicious beer isn’t the half of it though. Riga also offers a bunch of guy-friendly attractions, be it firing off an AK-47 at one of the local shooting ranges, or racing down the bobsleigh track at breakneck speed.