How to Organize Your Makeup: The Steps Explained

Does finding your makeup take too much time?

Are you in a buying frenzy with beauty products nowadays? We can’t blame you because of all the best sales and discounts happening at the moment! However, your entire collection will grow larger than expected, and keeping track of everything will be harder than ever.

If you’re a beginner to makeup, you’ll need help sorting out your messy makeup collection.  Don’t worry, this project won’t take too long! Read on how to organize your makeup

Put Everything Out Into the Open

The first step to makeup organization is looking for every makeup item you own and put them on a towel. Check your drawers and tabletops, including the ones in your pouches. You might have some forgotten makeup products lying around the house.

Is your vanity table too small? Place them on your bathroom or kitchen countertop. You can use any surface as long as it’s large enough to keep everything from rolling off and breaking.

Make sure to clean up your drawers, pouches, and makeup products afterward. There might be smudges of your blush, eye shadow, and dust all over the place. You can remove the makeup stains by using wipes or a paper towel with a cleaning solution.

Throw It Away

Ask yourself, is there a product you don’t like using at all? Anything you haven’t used for so long that you forgot it even existed? Clear out your broken, unwanted items and put them into the trash right now.

This is a great opportunity to see if you have many quantities of the same product.

It’s okay to have extra makeup, but you may not be able to use some of them before it goes bad. Try giving some of your discarded items away to your family and friends to save up space!

Decluttering lighten up makeup organization stress and get rid of the expired products. Identify the expiration date by checking the Period After Opening (PAO). This tells you the length of time your makeup will remain stable and good for use after unsealing it.

Store your makeup in a cool, dry place in the room. Stay away from moisture and direct sunlight as much as possible. This is to avoid heating the chemicals which helps speed up the aging of the products.

Separate Products Into Organized Piles

After putting aside the things you want to throw away, it’s time to sort out the products.

Put similar makeup items together in a single pile. To give an example, collect every nail polish, toe separators, and cuticle exfoliator. If you only use some makeup for special occasions, it’s better to stash them in a separate pile for now.

Plan Out Your Organization Style

One of the easiest ways to organize your makeup is to line them up by product type. You can have your makeup items out in the open if you want. However, you’re more likely to encounter problems such as having a harder time finding the right type of lipstick among your other lipsticks.

Another method is to place every makeup you like to use the most within reach. What are the makeup products you use often use every day? Put the others behind them or in the drawers to keep your vanity table clean and neat.

This way, you immediately know where to get the essentials whenever you’re in a hurry.

If nothing works, you don’t have to follow a pre-determined organizing strategy. It might take a while, but you can build and improve your own organizing style that works specifically for you little by little!

To do that, examine each item laid out in front of you. It’s important to know what you need to work with to come up with the best way to organize makeup. Don’t forget to keep your habits and personality in mind.

Use Makeup Organizer Box

You won’t be able to organize as efficiently as possible without organizer boxes, right? Remember there are different sizes of these boxes and makeup items available. Be sure to measure them before buying so it’ll fit into your vanity table.

If you want to check out makeup organizer online, you can try For Her Vanity! They have a wide variety of modern drawer insert collections and organizers. Hurry up because they’re offering special offers such as free shipping and gifts that are only available while supplies last.

You can also use everyday household items like desk organizers and a rolling cart. Of course, you can have fun and be creative with your organizers. Repurpose old things into more cutesy or glamorous, whatever you like!

Make use of the dividers to avoid everything from getting mixing up. Keep labels as a reference in case you’re not using clear plastic containers. It’s a great idea to label everything so you don’t have to go through every drawer or pile to find what you need.

Stay on Track with Your Organization System

Old habits die hard. Aside from learning how to organize your makeup, you’ll also need to get used to a new organizational system. You can make some changes, but please remember to change everything as well, like the labels.

After buying new makeup items, be sure to put them in front of the vanity table. Avoid buying new things and hiding them in the drawers for a long time.

Make sure to rotate your products once in a while. This is to keep them from going bad without having the chance of using the product.

Have wipes ready in case you found some pigments in your makeup. It’s for cleaning the mess up as you go do your routine every day. You don’t have to stand up and ruin or interrupt your makeup routine in this way.

How to Organize Your Makeup

Learning how to organize your makeup will not only help you keep your belongings tidy, but it will also extend the longevity of your makeup! Use these tips to put your makeup in order today!

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