How to Quickly and Easily Transform Your Bathroom’s Look and Feel

Bathrooms are no longer simple ‘serviceable’ spaces where we perform some basic hygienic functions – they are now considered one of the most important rooms in the home, and, as such, there is a lot more attention paid to how they look, how efficient they are, how comfortable they are, and how unique they are. If you have a bathroom that wants a bit more elegance and style combined with a bit more functionality and efficiency, then here’s how to quickly and easily transform your bathroom’s look and feel.

Enhance with new accessories

In your bathroom, you don’t have to make do with old and ugly accessories, such as towel bars as well as toilet paper holders and the like. If you would like to make your bathroom look better within minutes, replace your old accessories with shiny new ones. A hint of shiny, sleek chrome here and there can work wonders. If you want, you can even replace your old, dull taps with new ones, and, whilst you’re at it, change other bathroom hardware as well.

Add some pretty yet practical shelves

By adding some pretty yet practical shelving to your bathroom, you are not only making your bathroom more efficient and adding to the storage space – you are also giving your bathroom a more personalised, stylish look. You can make use of store-bought shelving, or look around in vintage shops for some vintage shelves which you can easily hang on your bathroom’s walls. If you want to add to your bathroom’s storage space, you can also take advantage of baskets and other quaint containers.

Invest in a new shower

One major reason why bathrooms look tired and worn out is the shower area. If your bathroom has an old, decrepit shower cubicle or enclosure, it may be a good time to replace it and invest in a new shower. The new shower doesn’t even have to be too expensive – nowadays, you can buy some pre-fabricated shower units and shower cubicles that are equipped with everything you may need to have a great shower. These features include water and massage jets, hand showers and risers, chrome accessories, glass paneling, and more. A modular shower cubicle is also easy to install – it can take less than a day – because it already comes as a complete kit.

Install new wallpaper

If you want your bathroom to look less dull and boring, you can also spruce it up with some new wallpaper – look for brightly-coloured wallpaper in attractive patterns and place it on all your bathroom’s walls – or just one single wall for a unique look. The new wallpaper will make your bathroom look as good as new.

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