The Latest Beauty Makeup and Products on the Market

Beauty products are constantly evolving to redefine what it means to look and feel gorgeous. Thicker, more defined eyebrows and eyelashes are more desired and more attainable with new products on the market. Lush lips and smooth, touchable skin are a must. So what are some of the best new products on the market now to help you rise to new levels of glamour?

The Latest Beauty Makeup will blow your socks off


2017 is bringing a new trend of healthy, flawless skin that is less coated and contoured and more fresh and real. Then add bold, colorful lips and eyes. Start with primer to help keep skin healthy and hold makeup longer. Eye primer is another more recent product designed to hold eyeshadow and liner longer, while also deepening eyeshadow color. This year, glittering and metallic lips and under-eyes are in, as well as bold liquid eyeliner and colorful lips creams and glosses. 


Long, thick, curled lashes are always in style, and new beauty technology allows women to accomplish this without spending as much time every morning on their beauty routine. Mascaras plump lashes to increase volume, but for fuller, beautiful Adele-like eyelashes, lash extensions are the new go-to. When applied by a skilled technician, they can last as long as the normal growth cycle of your lashes. They typically come in synthetic, silk, and mink, and typically need to be refilled every 4-6 weeks. Next, instead of using an eyelash curler every day, try an eyelash perm to make that perfect wave last for up to 2 months. Finally, newer mascaras can be used to make lashes fuller than ever before, and some mascaras are semi-permanent. If you are in the market, you can find Lashforever makeup and products at your beautician’s—when professionally applied, semi-permanent mascara can keep your lashes plump and voluminous for up to a month’s time. 


The beautiful full, arching brow popularized by Cara DeLevigne, Kendal Jenner, and Lilly Collins has overtaken the over-plucked, sparse brows of the 1990s. Many new products are available to help achieve the perfect brow, but for many, starting at their beautician’s for the right shape and thickness makes all the difference. Eyebrow waxing, threading, embroidery, and brow extensions all can help achieve the perfect eyebrow. Eyebrow embroidery is a newly popular beauty trend in Canada where technicians add semi-permanent color to the skin to fill in, thicken, and darken the brows and give a fuller appearance. Embroidery can last up to 2 years. For further filling and shaping further at home, brow pencils and powder can help darken and eyebrow gels can help control unruly brows and keep color and shape in place.

Today’s beauty trends and modern beauty products are focused on the modern lifestyle. Emerging trends simplify beauty routines and allow women to maintain their appearance night and day, with and without makeup. Thick, full lashes, lips, and brows have become attainable for everyone.