5 Tips for Selecting a Handbag for Any Occasion!

The right handbag makes the perfect accessory to complete any look or style you have going on- and your ultimate choice depends largely on you wants, needs, and personal preference. You might find a handbag that you can use every day with just about any outfit or you may end up with several that can be used with different outfits and for different uses. The tips below can help you find the right handbag for you!

1) Length

The length of the strap where the bag falls to can impact the way it looks. Wherever it rests against your body will accentuate that part of your body. So if your hips or waist are the best feature then hand your purse hang at that level. If you want to call attention away from a certain aspect you can also use handbag length to do the same.

2)  Size
Don’t be tempted blindly follow the latest fashion trends here, remember to do what looks best for you. Those cute little bags will get lost on a tall girl, and if you are more on the short side, you will look even smaller carrying around an oversized bag! So do not let the trends dictate your choices, make sure you choose a size that is right for you.

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3)  Shape
You will want a handbag that compliments your own unique body shape. To do this, find a bag that offer opposing features or that has opposite features compared to your own. For example, a tall and slender girl may do best with a round soft sided handbag. If someone is more on the short and curvy side, handbags that had strong straight lines many work well and look the best on them.


4)  Style

This is the part of the process that is totally up to personal preference. There are countless styles, colors, materials, and types of handbags available. So many will have things you like and don’t like. Look around and find something that will work for you and that will complete your look and style. You are the one who ultimately can decide what style looks and feels best for you.

5)  Usage
Your lifestyle will also dictate the type of handbag that is best for you. Do you have a lot of things you need to carry or are you good with a small simple bag? Are you looking for one handbag for all days or something for a special occasion? Your activities will help you decide what kind of handbag will be the best for your type of lifestyle.


As a final check to help you make your decision, when you see a handbag that you like and that peeks your interest, always take a peek to see what is inside. Are there several compartments or special pockets for phones, keys, or other necessities? A handbag can be a wonderful and essential accessory but even the best looking or trendy bag will not be much good for you if you can’t count on it keeping your stuff safe or fitting in with your lifestyle choices!